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Where to have lunch near Collonade Hotel

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Would someone please point me toward a local landmark establishment within walking distance of Collonade Hotel (Copley Square). I will have a toddler with me so it must be kid friendly. I am looking for something unique and tasty! An established family owned kind of place with a particularly famous dish is what I am looking for. "dive" bar/restaurant perfectly fine with me. Any price ok with me. Something that screams BOSTON. I'll only be in town for 2 days.

Thanks- this will be my first visit to Boston. What about early dinner? (remember the kiddo)

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  1. Not what you asked for, but I want to recommend "Uncle Hansi's Tart" at Brasserie Jo, which is the Colonnade's restaurant. It's caramelized onions with just enough quiche batter to hold them together, on a buttery crust. I had it several years ago and still dream about it.

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      Uncle Hansi's Onion Tart is one of my all time favorite dishes. I'll be in Boston in a couple of weeks and that's first on my list.

    2. Two opposite ends of the dining spectrum:

      If you have a car, consider the 10-minute drive to get a hot dog from Speed's. You can read all about it on this board.

      If it's a nice day, you can have a lovely walk through the South End to B&G Oysters. Although not family owned, it is owned by local restaurant diva Barbara Lynch and offers excellent takes on New England seafood, including a wonderful lobster roll.

      1. Both good suggestions. The coq au vin at Brasserie Jo is also splendid. But the best classic Bostonian experience might be fish chowder at Legal Sea Foods on the second floor in Copley Place (not the Prudential Center mob scene). Right next door to the Colonnade and very kid friendly. Sure it's a chain...but it's a Boston chain.

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          And not very good
          And a tad overpriced for the quality

        2. Charlie's sandwich shoppe is all of that, except for the tasty part. Good but not memorable.


          I'd eat at Brasserie Jo in your hotel (it's great) , but then again I live here. :-)

          1. If I were staying at the Collonade for two days, that would be six meals at Brassererie Jo. Why leave the building?

            1. You are very centrally located right on the borer of Back Bay and the South End. Remember that Boston is a very small town and most places can be walked to in 15-20 minutes. Places that are toddler friendly (there is always at least one in the place) in the area are:

              SOUTH END
              Picco - in and outdoor seating with good pizzas, salads, soups, small entrees and ice cream
              Masa - for brunch Sat and Sun - Southwestern and good - they seat people with children in the same area.
              B&G - great seafood and the occasional child spotted there
              Hammersley's - more expensive bistro food with rare child sitings
              Myers + Chang - a new Asian fusion restaurant used to serving children of all ages

              BACK BAY
              Sel de la Terre - upscale casual with better than average food (sometime uneven) and child friendly, they also have a location near Rowe's Wharf (near the aquarium, Faniel Hall, and other tourist sites)
              Newbury Street has many restaurants, while none stellar, serving a good meal - it might be fun to explore and choose
              Giocomo's - Italian cash only - good red sauce restaurant, they also have a location in the North End

              Bina - possibly the best place in town now IMO (well maybe one or two others), more expensive and not really geared for children but nearly empty for late lunches and so shouldn't be too difficult to manage

              NORTH END
              Regina - pizza - they have other locations but this is the only place for decent pizza

              Any of the areas that tourists tend to visit will be child-friendly. The better restaurants really aren't equipped for children (or rather, I haven't seen any when I've dined). But it depends on your child and so might be doable.

              As an aside, there is a large playground in the Common as well as one right behind your hotel along Corridor Park (it's one block away - the hotel can help you locate it).

              1. Wow. Thanks so much to everyone. I guess I picked the right hotel. I wish I could stay longer I am finding so much great stuff on CHOW. I usually try to avoid tourist traps but are there any places any visitor should be required to go on a visit to Boston? I know some places become cliche, but aren't they cliche for a reason? What/Where are the Boston cliches?

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                  For something that screams Boston, you should check out the Copley Plaza Hotel. The Oak Bar/Room is one of the city's most beautiful rooms. Drink or cup of coffee at a table in the Oak Bar. Not overly toddler friendly but not unfriendly.