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May 14, 2009 07:37 AM

Favorite brand of Ramen

I do have an Asian Market that carry an extensive variety of Ramens From various countries.Any recomendations? Thanks

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  1. Sapparo Ichiban!! Original or the Kitsune. If you like spicy, the Nong Shin Big Bowl!

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    1. re: lilmomma

      yes, I second this recommendation. I love Sapporo Ichiban

    2. Chicken flavored. Cook the noodles, drain the water, add the packet then load it down with shreaded cheddar cheese & sour cream. Yummy :)

      1. I like Mama Ramen from Thailand. Shrimp(Tom Yum) flavor.

        1. Nong Shim. I tried those cheap supermarket-type ramens (like Top Ramen) and they were terrible.