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May 14, 2009 07:28 AM

Good wine store in the Fort Lee, NJ area?

I'm looking for a wine store that has a reasonably extensive and diverse selection of wines from various regions along with fair prices. I'm a complete wine novice and really don't know much about the various wine shops and markets in the area. I just need a solid place where I won't feel like I'm getting ripped off and can ask a question or two to the employees if necessary.

I'd prefer a place that's in close proximity to Fort Lee (Bergen County, NJ), but really, anywhere in Bergen or Hudson Counties is fine.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Total Wines in River Edge is my choice for most purchases of alcohol, but there are also others who feel there are some better deals on an earlier thread:

    There is also the Queen Anne Wine Spirits in Teaneck, A recently opened Stew Leonards Wines in Paramus and Bottle King locations.

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      Thanks - these sound like great recommendations. Much appreciated.

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        Also check out Linwood Wine Co. in Fort Lee- they are located in the Linwood Plaza shopping center where King's used to be. They have a pretty nifty beer selection as well.