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May 14, 2009 07:24 AM

Special Occasions Dinner in DFW

I am looking for a place to take my wife and the in-laws for my mother-in-law's birthday. We're looking for a place that has nice food but is not stuffy. We're looking for good food without pretense.

I was thinking Lola but I've never been before.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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    1. re: fixer

      City Cafe? Are you serious?
      Upscale: Lola, York St or The Grape.
      Casual options: Celebration, Taverna or La Duni.
      There are a lot of other great options on this board.

      1. re: sl1

        Nice food, not stuffy, no pretense. City Cafe fits the request. Sending every diner to Lola seems to be the routine around here. Poster already came up with that themselves.

    2. Lola would be a great choice. The atmosphere is nice but relaxed, food is great, wine is very reasonably priced. Nonna would be a good choice too.

      1. The French Room for a really special occasion.
        York Street

        1. How about Sevy's, Maguires, or Chamberlain's Seafood? Your mother-in-law is probably of my generation, and I like all three.

          1. Tillman's is fun, but can get loud. Out of town guests always love Tillman's and Hattie's (seems like that's the only time I ever go there). Everyone likes Tillman's smores and french fries. How about Local in Deep Ellum? I love Sharon Hage's food, but I feel so claustrophobic in York. It really is like NYC tiny. If you do decide to go stuffy, a lot of "older" people love Old Warsaw. I don't get it, but everyone has such individual taste.

            When I get together with my in-laws, we do Indian. Their tastes veer a little more towards the mild, so we go to India Palace. They like it because it's pretty and not too crazy spicy. Totally safe. For the record, given a choice, I like Chettinaad Palace.

            I don't care for Celebration. I know it's pretty beloved here in Dallas, but I'd eat at Bubba's any day before I go there. IMO, it's just not worth the price.