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May 14, 2009 07:17 AM

Best Irish Breakfast in Queens?

looking for the real deal. Donovan's? Cronin and Phelan? Woodside Cafe next to Sean Og's? The Stop Inn? where to go?

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  1. Rose Restaurant down the qb in Sunnyside is my goto breakfast spot in the area. I am not able to critique Irish breakfasts but you can definately get it there beans, fries, puddings, tomatoes and all.

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    1. re: dhs

      The Rose is excellent for an authentic Irish breakfast.

    2. i'm no expert, but really like Cuckoo's Nest on sundays.

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      1. re: Widmark

        tried rose restaurant, and i gotta say it was pretty terrible. the eggs were cooked fine, but everything else was either eh or simply bad. the meats (irish bacon, irish sausage, black/white pudding) were burnt and bitter, had probably been cooked hours ago and were just plain yucky. the potatoes were overcooked, mushy and tasteless. the tomato was absent. the toast was stone cold. and the food my companions had was worse (a cold and tasteless chicken wrap, and a plate of eggs and bacon, described as disgusting and almost inedible.) i know that queens isn't strong on breakfast, but this is one of the few meals i've had here that harkens back to the pre-immigration archie-bunker queens of the 1980's. the risk of another meal like this has put me off my search for queens' best irish bfast. all the more bewildering was that this place had been highly recommended by a number of irish bartenders in sunnyside. blech.

        1. re: yussdov

          Sorry you did not enjoy Rose. I don't think I would not eat or stand for a meal as you described. Never really had an off experience there. I don't eat Irish breakfasts too often but I know I have had a grilled tomato at Roses and plenty of good breakfasts (mind blowing, no, but rarely is breakfast a mindblower for me). So I'd not completely cross if off your list.

          Most any breakfast place in the area will serve an Irish breakfast. I'd like to know what you find out