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May 14, 2009 06:42 AM

Italian Market Festival in Philly

It's that time of year again. Stop eating now to save room for the porcetta, mangos, and other treats! http://9thstreetitalianmarketfestival...

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  1. I'm there like white on rice. Will be my 4th year in a row, Get Some!

    1. Thanks for posting this...I would have completely forgotten about it!

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      1. re: Laura D.

        No problem....I actually look forward to this one for months (and the Greek Festival at St. George's )

      2. it has been on my calendar for months and i can't stop the drool now!!! this fest makes me feel like a spoiled spoiled brat that i grew up around the corner from 9th street.

        oh roasted piggie, sing to me!

        1. and a lovely limoncello from Villa d Roma (I hope!)

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          1. re: Bigley9

            Dom pours the best shot of limoncello

          2. I've never been to the Festival....what should I expect, what should I seek out to eat? Thanks!

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            1. re: Hellolaura

              Get the Holy Trinity! Pat's or Genos, then George's Roast Pork, then head to Sarcones to pickup a classis Italian for the ride home. Muahahaha!