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May 14, 2009 05:53 AM

Sophisticated funky vibe bar eatery?

OK so I think we've sorted the romantic and the special for our anniversary trip (flight to NYC from London is tomorrow!)and we nearly booked- just! You guys on chowhound have been the best.

Now we need the right sort of place to have a good nosh (oriental small plates or Spanish tapas?) and a very good cocktail for Sunday night? Do we need to book them if eating also & are any close enough to try a couple?!

Id love to dress it up and wear a funky cocktail dress & stack heels too ,

Here's my short list, just to get over the feel that we like, tell me if m crazy & theyre awful?!!

Temple bar
Stone Rose
Pegu club
Stanton social
Cambell Apartments (although this is probably more sophisticated than the sort of night were after)
Highline thai
Gansevort Bar

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  1. Stanton Social could take care of your requirements nicely if you want to stay in one place, though I don't love the food as much as the drinks. My personal choice would be Sala for tapas (and maybe some overpriced, but delicious and wickedly strong sangria, but maybe not if you're going out afterwards) and then Temple Bar for cocktails. I know there are other more cutting-edge cocktail joints these days, but Temple Bar has a relaxed vibe that I find missing from most of the alternatives. Reservations would be a good idea at Sala, but unnecessary at Temple.

    Also check out, discussing Degustation (same area, fantastic tasting menu) and drinks nearby.

    As to the rest of your recs, the bar at the Gansevoort is my own personal nightmare - overcrowded, trendy in exactly the wrong way. Campbell Apartment is no more sophisticated than any of the others - the drinks tend towards the fruity, and the crowd during the week has a distinctly just-got-off-the-trading-desk vibe - but is a great space, and not a bad idea for a weekend.

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      I have always liked the look of SS, but never got round to going there, may be it was the food reviews that steered me away! We do like to nosh & drink in the same place and need to find somewhere good all round.

      I have for the time being booked a table at Stone Rose as it would be great to have the views, although I have read very mixed reviews!

      I so wanted to go to Degustation , but alas they arent open on a sunday, it was discusssed at great length on my previous thread

      Pegu seems to come out as a great cocktail place, but I dont quite know what food they do?