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May 14, 2009 05:26 AM

Suckling Pig Sundays at Rendezvous

Has anyone tried the Suckling Pig prix fixe at Rendezvous? Apparently it's going to be available on Sundays for May and June. Here's the sample menu:

Housemade mortadella with toasted pistachios, dandelion greens and mustard oil
Salad of shaved artichoke with crispy pork skin, frisée lettuce and lemon vinaigrette
Suckling pig three ways: braised shoulder, roasted leg and grilled chop

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  1. That sounds like a trip to Central Square. We're overdue anyway.

    1. Sounds great! I just looked on their website but it doesn't say the Suckling Pig runs for May and June. It just has a Pig menu from May 3. Any thoughts ? I will give them a call later to verify but was hoping to make plans earlier. Thanks!

      1. We went to Rendezvous this past Sunday -- hubbie got the Suckling Pig prix fixe (which was $42, slightly higher than the regular prix fixe price of $38) while I went with a seafood-themed regular prix fixe. The Suckling Pig prix fixe is three courses -- 2 apps and a main, no dessert. If you go with a dining companion and split like we did, it actually works out great, since two desserts is almost always too much for us. But the pacing is kind of strange. I sat there with my one finished app while he worked on his two, in succession, and I ate a lot of the delicious Iggy's sourdough. If we weren't sharing that might have been lonely for me.

        On to the food itself:
        Housemade mortadella plate came with 3 slices of mortadella, house mustard, some pickles, and a yummy rib chop. All very good. Salad of shaved artichoke, frisee, crispy pork skin also quite good, though I'm not sure what shaved artichoke adds except for texture (I noticed no discernible flavor and I love artichokes), and what isn't good with crispy pork skin? My crab cakes app was delicious -- two large cakes with sweet pea sauce and chili oil. Either I am mis-remembering, or this current incarnation of the crab cakes are much more generously sized than the last time I ordered them (I admit it has been a while). No complaints here.

        The Suckling Pig main entree is quite a lot of meat! All preparations were juicy, tender, perfectly cooked. My favorite was the braised shoulder. Everything on the plate was surrounded by the most delicious pork broth. Luckily we had a spoon since I had ordered the seafood stew, because we drank every last drop and then soaked up the rest with more bread. The spicy seafood stew was also delicious.

        Finished with the espresso semi-freddo for dessert. I love the combination of salty almond brittle and chocolate sauce. Yum.

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          I have been planning to take advantage of the "suckling pig Sundays" since the original post. Since your delightful review the desire has taken on a new urgency , Thanks! I needed the push.

        2. Can anyone confirm this is still available?