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May 14, 2009 05:20 AM


We decided against Everest on Grand and instead (to our happiness) went to India House at 758 Grand Avenue (a few doors down from Grand Old Creamery - how perfect is that?)

Arrival 6:00PM. Restaurant is much larger inside than it appears from outside. Warm hues in paint (deep orange, browns, reds) with nice mural-likes on the walls. Very open space. Calming laid back low sounding music with a buzz of probably 7 tables eating.

Extremely friendly, greeted right away and seated in booth. Water, beverage and appetizer service within 3 minutes of sitting down. VERY HAPPY considering the bad service I've been receiving at a variety of establishments over the past month and a half.

Yeah, it was Wed, but service was outstanding. I mean it. Checking with in us, refilling water glasses, no wait for the tab, boxes for our leftovers. Pleasant and genuine, not intrusive with all the stops.

1. veg samosas (large and plentifully stuffed, crisp with slight chew on inside)
2. chutney variety(mango, tamarind, cilantro jalapeno (last being my fav). Good color, great flavor
3. Garlic naan - 4 nice sized pieces, coated in garlic (could have used even more!)
4. the spicy pickles (not my favorite but good and spicy)
4. ice tea and a mid-quality pinot grigio (ecco domani)
5. Rogan josh (lamb) - served with (jasmine or basmati, I always mix them up)
6. Chicken tikka masala - same as above - quality heat (I went med+, I'll even go hot next time around), moist and tender all white meat chicken pieces, and the best part? The al dente peppers. I love when my veggies are still somewhat crisp and retain the vibrant green but cooked through.

$36.96 - Are you kidding me? Worth every penny. Next time you are in the area give this place a shot. I'd like to know how service and food is from others if they've been.

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  1. Nice write-up. Sounds like a terrific evening!


    1. Great service and reasonable? And within a few miles of my house? Can't wait to go!


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      1. re: St Paul Susie

        There was a thread recently about IH that you could also check out for more info. I posted there with a positive review, but can add that I've had the buffet since then and it is definitely a step above the usual Indian buffet in terms of selection and freshness. Check it out!

      2. I've been for the lunch buffet and I will say I agree with some of your comments... cilantro jalapeno chutney is quite good, naan was tasty and fresh.... but overall I thought it lacked flavor. Also some of the chicken was a bit dry, but again it was from a buffet. I'll try it again but I feel Indian food should be very flavorful, this wasn't.

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          Babaoriley7 - Thanks for the heads up! Im normally not a fan of any buffet merely because of the fact that no matter how hard any restaurant tries, it's difficult to either 1) keep up with demand of great quality, non-heat lamped/low burner food, or 2) been sitting too long and I get a bit worried. But, that being said-at least for my experience last night, everything was flavorful (and I tend to think my girlfriend and I have a good sense of flavor-we have a palate for spicy, but of course, also flavor) and no dry chicken here. If you get a chance and are up for it-I'd like to get your opinion (or yours St Paul Susie) on a non-buffet eating experience. I'd like to know if it was a fluke or a good indication of most visits.

          Dahlsk-I'm going to check out the other post!

          1. re: babaoriley7

            Baba-read the other post. I should've also prefaced my post with the fact that my experiences with Indian food are 1) Natraj (which is now Marla's in Uptown (and have not been); India Palace off 394 near Costco and way back in the day, The Curry House which I can't even remember which restaurant is there now (in Uptown-closer to Atomic Coffee) and when it was even there. Overall, I thought service, quality, affordability and taste - will bring me back a second time-which is usually where I give my full support of a place.