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May 14, 2009 03:00 AM

Bohemian hall-Beer Garden observations

Spent the afternoon there on Wednesday and noticed a change or two.
a) No going to get your own food. Waitress service only.
b) Waitresses no longer Czech
c) Cooks no longer Czech
d) Kelbasa better
a, b and c are all hard to figure out; d, however, is just another effect of the new Obama Administration.

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  1. If it's waitress service-only now, has it gotten easier to flag a waitress down?

    Has the Obama administration had any effect on the douchebaggery there?

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    1. re: janethepain

      well, having gone to the garden for the first time in 1990, and having not seen any change in the people in charge i can say the douchebaggery emanates 101-percent from the clients, not the proprietors. my guess is that the xerox copy opening up on 35th ave will siphon off enough of the losers who've moved to the area since it became overpriced enough to be cool.

      1. re: david sprague

        ! What's this? What do you mean? Is something opening up on 35th? 35th ave. and what? Who's opening it?
        It's wise that they are going to pour into siphons, considering all the mugs that get stolen from Bohemian house every year.

        1. re: Paulomet

          This place?

          The Garden at Studio Square
          35-33 36th St, Queens, NY 11101

          1. re: squid kun

            I feel a bit ambivalent posting this, because I would like to have this place to myself...yes Studio Square on 36th St is open as of Wednesday. They are not affiliated with the Bohemian Beer Garden as far as I know, in fact I read something about it being owned by the same people who own Cavo. I did a quick walk through the evening of their opening, and the place is beautiful. HUGE outdoor area with four sets of taps (plus one inside with a decent bar). They also have a grill, mainly burgers and sausages. Pitchers are a bit expensive, though, at $18. It's a bit off the beaten path, and I'm hoping that the effort entailed to find it will keep away some of the people who make the Bohemian Beer Garden annoying :) Will post on the brews/food when I make it there for a real night out.

            1. re: queenseats


              More info, including menu of beers and food. They serve sangria on tap too!

            2. re: squid kun

              Saw it on NY1 this morning. It's on their website. Looks like a Hamptons Inn or community college style design to me.


              1. re: Up With Olives

                I suppose it's all a matter of personal taste, but I say check it out in person. The early descriptions of the place on various sites didn't get me too excited, but it's a pretty interesting space. It's also a welcome addition to a rather boring, industrial swatch of south Astoria. And if the food is good and the taps are working, then it beats the crowds at the Bohemian hall.

                1. re: queenseats

                  I went w/a bunch of friends lasts night, and we all decided it had a different vibe and more pleasant atmosphere than Boh. Hall. More expensive, but the food was decent, no need to wait for the absent waitress since there are none and you get your own beer and food, w/little or no lines. And the bathrooms are very cool. 8 for men and woman each, with sinks and super hand blowers in each one. Will be interesting to see how it is on a weekend during the day.

                  1. re: jinglejangle

                    It's great to have another place to relax outdoors. It's a different environment that Bohemian. The crowd is mostly local working crown (who are nice), the beers are very diverse, and the food is good. Yes, super hand blowers in the individual private bathrooms!

                    1. re: Paulomet

                      I went to Studio Square this past weekend - nice to have the option since I won't go even close to Bohemian Beer Garden except during the afternoon since the lines are usually so crazy. I wasn't thrilled with SS, though. On a Sat night, the crowd was definitely mostly young-trying-to-be-trendy and being outside was kind of ruined for me by speakers everywhere playing music much too loud. Not deafeningly loud, but loud enough that I can't imagine a group having a conversation despite picnic tables=group. Good beer on tap, though. I had a kolbase which was good (Schaller and Weber product), but the saurkraut was so-so. My husband reported the cheeseburger to be fine, but the fries lousy. Lots of staff and they were friendly and very competent. I imagine the food line might get crazy if it were totally full, but it was reasonably busy on Saturday night and the line wasn't bad and no line for beer.

                      Not quite like being at the Andechs monastery south of Munich - and I got to say I think I prefer the scruffier Bohemian to the trendoid Studio Square - but it was a nice post-movie option.