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May 13, 2009 09:03 PM


I will be visiting Providence and Boston at the end of the month...any great bakeries you can suggest...or anyplace with the best cupcakes? Thanks for your help! :)

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  1. In Providence check out Pastiche or Scialo Brothers both are close to each other on Atwells Ave. Atwell Ave/Federal Hill is a great place for restaurants too.

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      In Boston's North End, just across the street from Haymarket, Maria's but I don't remember any cupcakes.

      1. re: dfrostnh

        I still vote for DeLuise Bakery on the corner of Chalkstone and Mt.Pleasant Aves in Providence (about 5 minutes from downtown Providence). They have the most delicious chocolate sweets (cakes, brownies, cupcakes) anywhere - and the best cream filled pastries as well (zeppole, cream puffs, etc). They are much more AFFORDABLE than the bakeries on Fedral Hill (Atwells Ave).