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May 13, 2009 08:27 PM

Vegetarian Restaurants

My nephew is coming in from England to Montreal with two friends and they are vegetarian. They do not eat meat nor fish. Any suggestions for good restaurants?

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  1. Not much "real" vegetarian in town, especially if your friend do not even eat fish.
    a few that comes to mind :
    Aux Vivres (vegan on St-Laurent); hippie-ish, but fun none the less.
    Chuch/Chuchai (asian-ish on St-Denis)
    La Faim du Monde (never been there, On St-Denis)

    I'm certain you can get vegetarian friendly Indian in town, and probably get italian fare that suits you friends.

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      I tried a really great vegetarian restaurant the other day near Griffintown. Check out the website it's called BONNY"S. It's a great lunch place! I like it better than Aux vivres but I am also not a vegetarian I just like vegetarian food.

    2. Type vegetarian into the Search This Board box at the top of the page for lots of discussion on the topic, some of it quite recent.

      Somewhat more upscale than the reccos you've got so far is Au Cinquième Péché, whose menu always includes a totally vegetarian main, usually a variation on their delicious sweet potato gnocchi (currently with zucchini, roasted red bell pepper, feta and pine nuts). Vegetarian-friendly soups and elegant composed salads are available for starters, cheese plates and trippy desserts (chicory cheescake with speculoos topping and honey-caramelized endives, for example) to round out the meal. If you go the table d'hôte route, the vegetarian meal runs $30.

      1. If he is willing to try raw food, you can try Crudessence on Rachel Street. It used to be a snack-bar and now they just opened a restaurant.

        1. For a neighborhoody lunch/brunch Fucshia might be good.