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May 13, 2009 08:08 PM

The Herbery (Old Saybrook, CT): Herbs & Harney Teas

Continuing down Route 154 today, I finally got to The Herbery (read about it on a tea thread here) in Old Saybrook. What a delightful place--100+ Harney teas, tea accessories, cookbooks, fresh herbs and many other goodies. Picked up a delicious Tropical Green tea that tastes like pineapple. VERY nice!

They carry lime thyme (I never knew it existed) and lemon basil among other herbs. The flavored basil will be ready for pickup next week.

"Link to a place" isn't finding this location, so here 'tis:

The Herbery
1001 Middlesex Turnpike
Old Saybrook, Ct 06475


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  1. I love the harney organic peppermint. Terrific and the same tea bag stays strong over several refills

    I'll check this place out

    1. If the same woman is running this place - - she is a royal PIA -nuff said

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      1. re: few

        I think I met the one/only owner. Her name is Susan and she was very pleasant--not to mention a font of information about tea. To each his own, I suppose!

        1. re: kattyeyes

          you must have gotten to her on a good day - timing is everything - I live near there - so I know what the temp usually is

          1. re: few

            For the longest time, I wasn't really sure what you meant. But recently, after all these years of shopping there, I left with an unpleasant taste in my mouth and realized what you must have been talking about. No plans to go back.

            1. re: kattyeyes

              Ayup = - you got the standard treatment....

              1. re: few

                For all the (considerable) money I've spent there over time, I didn't see it coming. But for sure won't return. Most places where I'm a good customer treat me as such.Too many great tea purveyors both online and with storefronts to be bothered.

                Here's a local favorite:

                And online, I love Tealish:

      2. Update for tea lovers! Susan at The Herbery has created some of her own delicious blends. If you like Harney's, you will love these. My two current favorites:

        - coconut macaroon (chocolate-coconut black & green tea)
        - green ambrosia (I can't remember everything in it, but it's similar to Harney's tropical green, with orange and other flavors, too)

        Same as if you buy other teas at The Herbery, you can bring back your tea canister to be refilled for $1.75 (?) less. Maybe $1.50? It's the cost of the can, whatever it is.

        As a huge fan of Harney's chocolate teas, I must say, the chocolate coconut combo outshines any of the other chocolate varieties (on my second can already).

        1. I hafta laugh--I've been shopping at The Herbery for four years now and never realized there's a zen-like patio with comfy chairs where you can sit and enjoy your sample of tea.

          Among Susan's new blends--orange smoothie (three types of orange tea with a vanilla white tea). And coming soon, a caramel-ly pu-erh I can't wait to try. My daily morning cuppa is the green pu-erh "cake" (beeng cha) in the green box.

          Susan has another new green tea blend I tried that was slightly floral (bit of jasmine), I forget the name, but it's in one of the green cans and very nice if you want to give it a try. It tastes extra nice drifting in one of the patio swings. :)