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May 13, 2009 08:02 PM

Fresh pasta at Feast Gourmet Market (Deep River, CT)

Here's an amazing find thanks to a conversation I had with my cousin on the way to the train station this morning--there is FRESH PASTA to be found right on Main Street in Deep River at Feast Gourmet Market. Oddly enough, I had to hear about it from someone who hasn't even lived in this country in 10 years!

Picked up some lovely egg fettucine tonight. There was a fresh pasta of the day posted on the board, but they were out (lemon and parsley egg pasta). I will keep my eye on this place as my car is now magnetically drawn due south to Patisserie du Glace weekly (the pasta shop is diagonally across the street from there). They also make ravioli.

I can't believe fresh pasta has been this close to home for so far and I had no idea. What a treat!

Dinners at Feast also sound like a great concept. Has anyone coordinated an event with friends?

Feast Gourmet Market
159 Main St, Deep River, CT

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I love this place, never had anything I didn't love, even a sandwich. Sadly for my waistline, I work very close!

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      1. re: dennisl

        Sadly, Feast close a few weeks ago. The chef has just been hired at Cloud Nine in Old Saybrook, which was recently taken back by the original owner. I hear it has drastically improved.!

        1. re: foodieandy

          Shut up--NO! That truly sucks! I wish they would reopen in /around Middletown. Surely we could support a freshly made pasta maker. And I am extra bummed because I had a gift certificate to Feast. :( Oh, well. Thanks for letting us know.

          1. re: kattyeyes

            Are you serious?! That's terrible, if true. I loved feast and shopped/dined there only a few times. They had not only great fresh pasta, but house made demi-glace and some rare gourmet items.

            1. re: eodell

              I called Feast yesterday and left a message asking them to confirm what I still works, but no return phone call. It's a real shame.

              Well, not that it will help for people in the immediate Deep River area, but we do have Antico Ravioli in Meriden.

              1. re: kattyeyes

                I has a sad.

                I'll do a drive by later perhaps to confirm. Have to check out Antico in any event...

                1. re: eodell

                  More on Antico if you missed it the first time:

                  I had their lobster ravioli around holiday time and they were fantastic!

          2. re: foodieandy

            You've got to be freakin' kidding. We take the good with the bad on Chow...but to get heartbroken on Valentine's Day is a first! Went WELL out of the way to get to 'Feast' whenever possible but I was particularly happy around times of celebration to get their creative dishes, sides, sauces, etc. to supplement the Hound-worthy holiday spread. We can fill in the gaps as far as the pasta(although not nearly as creatively) but this is a major disappointment in a lot of ways. Sucks to find out any way you cut it but to digest this when at 'du Glace' makes that whole trip a little less rewarding.

            Say it aint so!

            1. re: noreservations

              "Word around town" is the the owner of Feast may open another market up the street (Route 154) in Chester, in what used to be a bike shop.
              Fingers crossed!

              1. re: dennisl

                That would be great, though there is already so much up there in Chester, plus the market....

                1. re: eodell

                  Drive by this morning, and its confirmed. For Rent sign up.

                  1. re: eodell

                    The info i have is that it will be re-opening in March in the same vein- sandwiches, pasta, etc.

                      1. re: eodell

                        I'm sorry, that wasn't very clear was it? What I meant to post was that there would be the same sort of place in that location. I don't know about the people who ran Feast and what their plans are. All I know is that that location in Deep River will continue on as some sort of sandwich/pasta/meals to go type place.

            2. re: foodieandy

              No, it was the SOUS chef who went to Cloud Nine. (boy do they need help0. Drew was the Chef/Owner. It's my understanding he is going to be working with the local schools to improve the cafeterias food and buy more locally. I guess also doing some small private parties - like Feast's in your own home!! Someone said to check their website for updates:

              What a dinner party that would be!!

              1. re: bowser09

                Feast appeared to be open today when we drove by...will check out and report soon...

                1. re: eodell

                  It's not FEAST any longer, It's El and Ela's.