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May 13, 2009 07:41 PM

Quick bite pre-movie, close to AMC Danbury

We'll have less than an hour, all-told, before the movie tomorrow night. (Yes: Star Trek. I love my husband.) We know there's an Applebee's right by the theater, and I'm SO looking for an alternative so we don't end up there. I'll be getting the train into Southeast, getting there at about 6:30, so I guess after the drive along 84, there'll be more like 45 minutes to grab something. Would love to have a glass of wine and something that isn't completely greasy...

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  1. So I guess if you don't want Applebees, you also don't want Chili's, Bertucci's, or Maggie McFlys....which doesn't leave you a lot of options near the theater.

    BUT....if you go past the theater to Route 84 Exit 8 you can go straight through the light and follow Route 6. There's a Mexican place a few blocks up on the left called Arturo's. I've never been there but have read some decent reviews (maybe someone on here can chime in???).

    Or....if you want to stop before you get to the theater, downtown Danbury has several good restaurants. We like the Vietnamese place on Padanaram (and even closer to 84 is Elmer's Diner - great diner food!). There are a bunch of Brazilian restaurants, too. A quick search on this board should bring up the names. Recently someone raved about Sierra Dourada but I haven't been there, either, so I'm not recommending either way. And Bangkok Thai is also at Exit 8 (turn right at the light as you come off the exit...go through one or two more lights to the Stop & Shop plaza).

    But 45 minutes....that might be tough....

    If you can catch an earlier train I'd go to the end of the Route 7 connector, take the left at the stop sign, and pull into Bailey's Backyard (on the right) in Brookfield. We love the Ridgefield location and I've heard the Brookfield one is just as good.

    1. You can try Blu on 7 across from Stew's. You might be able to get in and out in 45 minutes. I really like Rizzuto's on route 6 across from Target, but I don't know if 45 minutes is enough time to get there and back with dinner...

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        I 2nd Bluu. I love their specialty sushi rolls-heavy on the fish, light on the rice.