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May 13, 2009 07:34 PM

seeking apps /drinks type venue in San Diego

we are looking for a place for 16 guests to get together for cocktails and light food. wine steals is booked but that type of idea. We are foodies on a budget and would be fine with good pub type food or even good pizza with a good atmosphere. Suggestions needed asap. Thanks!!

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  1. Depends on time of day. I'd call Blind Lady and try to make arrangements for a group.

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    1. re: Fake Name

      great suggestion. I was thinking of that place as I loved the pizza and beer. we are looking at sat night which may be tricky.

      1. re: Fake Name

        Basic has great pizza and beer in the Gaslamp..never been to Blind Lady, but if Fakey says its good, thats good as gold!

      2. Mosaic Wine Bar in North Park is similar to Wine Steals- you can buy whole bottles and only pay a $5 corkage fee which makes it a fantastic deal for a large party (and even for 2 of us). You can take any bottles that you don't finish home with you. They also have a good selection of flatbread pizzas. They will reserve a space in the back that's great for mingling- couches and high tops- if you call in advance. Or, you can get a large table by the window if it's a nice day.

        1. Third Corner in Ocean Beach fills the bill I believe.

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            To accomodate a party of 16 you'd pretty much have to sit outside at 3rd Corner.
            But it would be great if it were warm enough.

            1. re: P Macias

              Been a couple months for me, but I remember a lounge area between the dining room and the patio that would accommodate 16.