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Food at Top of the Hub

I was given a gift certificate to Top of the Hub by some out-of-town friends. I am debating between spending the gift certificate on a meal with my wife, or getting a bunch of friends together and going for drinks. I know the food doesn't generally have a good reputation on this board, but given that I have a gift certificate, I'm wondering if folks think there is anything in particular on the menu that is worthwhile. Or am I better off sticking to drinks?

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  1. You'll probably hear a lot of people trashing Top of the Hub, but I think their clam chowder is pretty tasty, and they have a fun dessert of freshly baked cookies. it's delicious with cold milk, and you really can't mess that up!

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      This bad reputation has lingered for years. I agree with Joannie that a lot of people who pass it along haven't been there in years if ever. When it first opened I think the food may have truly been bad. But the few times I have eaten there the food was quite good. Is it the best in the city? No. Do you pay extra for the view? Yes. But, it can be a nice experience and if you've never been, go ahead.

    2. I was at an event where the chef from Top of the Hub served a crabmeat dish, and it was some of the tastier food there. There were about 9 or 10 other big-name chefs there (he was one of the lesser-known), and I remember his crab (parfait I think it was) as my second favorite. How this translates into the restaurant experience I don't know, but I respect his palate based on the little that I've seen. His http://www.bostonchefs.com profile seems ok, but the captions are incorrect, so you can only judge by the pictures.

      1. We heard the same reports 4 years ago when our daughter was turning 21 years old, but Top of the Hub was her choice for her birthday dinner so we went. I have to be honest: the food, service, and atmosphere were outstanding! The steaks were very good . A totally enjoyable evening and half the price of dinner for 4 (teen son included) than just for two of us (husband/wife) at the Capital Grill in Providence.

        1. I had a very good experience at Top of the Hub a few years ago.It was a Restaurant Week lunch and was one of the best RW menus ever! Here are some photos.

          1. I think half the people who rag on it haven't been there in 15 years and just keep saying the same ole any time it's brought up. Give it a shot, it's free.

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              I like the Lobster chowder/bisque. It is very good.

            2. I always go to TOTH for drinks and the freshly baked cookies Prav is talking about. They are SO good. The bartender I've chatted with, John, is a really nice guy and quite skilled. He was able to whip up all sorts of cocktails on a whim that weren't on the menu for my friend and I.

              1. I think either way would work well. I went there for drinks recently, thinking the same thing as you about the food, but we enjoyed the appetizers we got and the plates coming out of the kitchen looked good. I would go back for dinner.

                1. We went for RW last year and the food was definitely meh. Not horrible but nothing to write home about.

                  Personally, I'd opt for drinks and maybe some apps or the cookies.