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May 13, 2009 06:55 PM

Food at Top of the Hub

I was given a gift certificate to Top of the Hub by some out-of-town friends. I am debating between spending the gift certificate on a meal with my wife, or getting a bunch of friends together and going for drinks. I know the food doesn't generally have a good reputation on this board, but given that I have a gift certificate, I'm wondering if folks think there is anything in particular on the menu that is worthwhile. Or am I better off sticking to drinks?

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  1. You'll probably hear a lot of people trashing Top of the Hub, but I think their clam chowder is pretty tasty, and they have a fun dessert of freshly baked cookies. it's delicious with cold milk, and you really can't mess that up!

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      This bad reputation has lingered for years. I agree with Joannie that a lot of people who pass it along haven't been there in years if ever. When it first opened I think the food may have truly been bad. But the few times I have eaten there the food was quite good. Is it the best in the city? No. Do you pay extra for the view? Yes. But, it can be a nice experience and if you've never been, go ahead.

    2. I was at an event where the chef from Top of the Hub served a crabmeat dish, and it was some of the tastier food there. There were about 9 or 10 other big-name chefs there (he was one of the lesser-known), and I remember his crab (parfait I think it was) as my second favorite. How this translates into the restaurant experience I don't know, but I respect his palate based on the little that I've seen. His http://www.bostonchefs.com profile seems ok, but the captions are incorrect, so you can only judge by the pictures.

      1. We heard the same reports 4 years ago when our daughter was turning 21 years old, but Top of the Hub was her choice for her birthday dinner so we went. I have to be honest: the food, service, and atmosphere were outstanding! The steaks were very good . A totally enjoyable evening and half the price of dinner for 4 (teen son included) than just for two of us (husband/wife) at the Capital Grill in Providence.

        1. I had a very good experience at Top of the Hub a few years ago.It was a Restaurant Week lunch and was one of the best RW menus ever! Here are some photos.

          1. I think half the people who rag on it haven't been there in 15 years and just keep saying the same ole any time it's brought up. Give it a shot, it's free.

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              I like the Lobster chowder/bisque. It is very good.