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May 13, 2009 06:41 PM

Bar Harbor

Going up north to Bar Harbor for the weekend. Where are the must hit spots for any meal in the area. We want a foodie weekend and are open to it all!!

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  1. Here's a little write-up I wrote about my trip to Bar Harbor this past fall...

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      Thanks that was really helpful. Havana is actually one of the places we wanted to try but weren't sure about. I think it just shot to the top of the list, cheers.

    2. A note of caution: I was in Bar Harbor off-season (late March) a few years ago and they had pretty much pulled the sidewalks in ... it appears to be a strongly seasonal town. We could only find three restaurants open for lunch in the immediate downtown area.

      That said ... I suspect you'll have much better luck mid-May than we had late March. Enjoy the trip ... MDI is stunning!

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        The season for many places begins Mother's Day. Try Cafe this Way and the Thirsty Whale for a cup of chowder lobster roll combo and the Lompoc for a good selection of local beers.

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          The Lompoc was just listed by Esquire Magazine as one of the Best Bars in the US.

      2. Check out the Bar Harbor Inn on their website. They have a weekend package, rooms with/without views of the ocean, and the food is very good. The package price is usually quite competitive before the regular season.

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          Well we are back from the weekend and it was awesome!
          Havana was great. We started with drinks and the most amazing "Candied" Pork belly. For dinner my wife had the Citrus Hanger steak which came with a tasty spiced cream sauce. I went with the Banana Leaf Steamed Halibut. Now I don't normally go for "steamed" anything but I was in the mood for fish and it was a good. There was a fresh and lightly spiced salsa, sauteed arugula and it all went together so well. Really the only complaint about the entire dinner was that it came out so fast. I like a slower more relaxed pace to dinner but hey, it was delicious.
          We has drinks at Rupununi one night but didn't eat there. It was pretty happening though at night. Lots of people at the bar and outside. Its a real young college crowd and it did get a bit rowdy so if your into that scene check it out.
          We hit the Brown Bag up for a quick panini after a day in Acadia. Real good and fresh sandwiches there and it was busy so we knew it would be good.
          Can't wait to get back up there this summer when everything is open. There is so much more we want to try!