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May 13, 2009 05:31 PM

JJ Bakery cakes

Has anyone purchased any of their whole cakes? My family loves their cake because it's not too sweet but pleasing, like any other Asian bakery. My mother's birthday is coming up so I need some recommendations please!!

Thank you!!

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  1. yes, and they are awesome. i had a mango chiffon cake and it was light and delicious!

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    1. re: trolley

      Just had a very delicious mango cake from JJ , too.

      1. re: fdb

        wasn't it great? I also want to add that there are pieces of kanten (i don't know the word for it in Chinese) or little jelly pieces in the layers which brings the cake to a new level of delicious!

        1. re: trolley

          My family loves their fluffy light chocolate cake with light whipped cream! Any recommendations on this!!

    2. Highly recommend JJ, esp. the taro and red bean cake.

      The only thing I don't recommend from JJ (or any Asian bakery for that matter) are the cheesecakes. Something just seems off with them.