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May 13, 2009 05:20 PM

bottled bbq sauce

Here are a list of bbq sauces i plan on testing throughout the summer.....Cattleman's was the first one I tried as a foundation. Brooke's bbq is amazing and it will be hard to beat that one....do you have any you would sugeest I add that is missing? Any suggestions appreciated..... we will be doing blind tasting with all of these sauces to determine a winner.....

we are looking forward to this!

big rick's http://www.bigricks.com/
sticky fingers http://www.shopstickyfingers.com/deta...
gates http://www.gatesbbq.com/
big bob gibson www.bigbobgibson.com.
head country bbq http://www.headcountry.com/Catalog.as...
famous dave's- sweet and sassy
Peppers Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce
Budweiser BBQ sauce
open pit http://www.openpit.com./
texas best
Bone Suckin Sauce
Corky's Memphis' Own www.corkysbbq.com.
Trader Joe's bbq
Bubba's bbq http://www.bubbasbbque.com/history.html
annie's bbq smoky maple
brooks bbq http://www.brooksbbq.com/
sweet baby rays

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  1. I think you want to try adding a dark sweet/hot or just a dark sweet. Rufus Teague (KC) or Jack's (Nashville) have some alternatives you might want to add for a different taste.

    1. All of the Sweet Baby Ray's sauce and Stubbs sauces

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      1. re: KiltedCook

        KC, you beat me to it - we love Sweet Baby Ray's ....

        1. As for Bigger producers..

          Montgomery and Bullseye are the only ones that I know of that do not contain HFCS.

          I still order a few bottles now and then from the Salt Lick in Texas. Mainly the Habenaro sauce.

          Otherwise I make my own or get a locally made Raspberry Chilpolte BBQ sauce.

            1. re: al b. darned

              Another vote for Dinosaur Sensuous Slathering Sauce. My favourite sauce ever. Perfect combination of spices, and balance of sweet and tangy.

              1. re: chileheadmike

                thanks for the bluehog website!

                I am going to order the bbq sauce and the rasberry chipotle sauce...also the red sauce............have you had all 3?

                1. re: jb44

                  No, just the original. We use it in competitions. Its sweet and just a little spicy.