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May 13, 2009 04:37 PM

Dunkin Donuts "iced" coffee

I used to love DD iced coffee but anytime I have gotten it over the past couple of years, it has tasted gross, and I didn't know why.

On a recent trip, I flew out of the new JetBlue terminal at JFK arirport and Dunkin Donuts was my only coffee option. I ordered a medium iced coffee with a little milk, and watched the girl who was making it. She filled the entire cup with ice (too much, in my opinion) and also added too much milk. But the real problem was the origin of the "iced" coffee -- it came out of some sort of machine that was labeled iced coffee but I could see it steaming. It immediately melted almost all the ice. I asked about it and the people behind the counter denied it was hot coffee.

On my return trip, again, I had no other options than DD. I ordered the iced coffee again, but this time the employees told me the coffee was not hot, just kept warm. This makes for seriously disgusting iced coffee. Never again will I get DD iced coffee, under any circumstances. I just don't understand this. Why don't they keep the coffee COLD???? Or is this just in airports???

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  1. Nota fan of Dunkin Donuts iced for that reason. Good iced coffee should not be regular coffee on ice. The best are cold-brewed to start. Don't know how McDonald's prepares their iced coffee, but it's a much better product than Dunkin Donuts.

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      Yes, cold-brewing is absolutely the way to go.

    2. Sometimes it tastes like old burnt leftover coffee that they saved to make iced. Yuck