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May 13, 2009 04:34 PM


Any recommendations for Buenos Aires and/or Mendoza?

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  1. Hi, sorry for the late reply,

    We recently did a 10 day Parilla tour of BA.

    I would recommend La Brigada (more expensive), El Desnivel and El Obrero.

    La Cabrera
    Don Julio
    El Trapiche

    Try the proveleta and also the dulce de leche.

    Take a look at this site

    You are going to want a nice bottle of Achaval Ferrer or Luigi Bosca DOC to compliment
    the Ojo de Bife, Asada de Tira, Molleja (sweetbreads) and a nice light spinach salad.

    We would go vuelta y vuelta or jugoso with that, they do tend towards the medium to well done so let them know if you prefer rare.

    Next time I intend to try this place - heard great things,
    La vinería de Gualterio Bolívar

    Also - yes these places are all on the tourist map but who cares - they are all great and locals eat there too.


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      Just back from Buenos Aires. La Vineria de Gauterio Bolivar is just as terrific as reported. To give you an idea of the complexity of their ingredients one of the small items in one of the 14 courses (the salad) looked like a red BB-sized caviar. It turned out to be barely germinated beets. Wonderful place great inventive food and good value for what you receive. Don't miss it.

    2. I like La Cabana and La Chicrita by the cemetery in Recoleta. Also, go to the cheese room at the Palacio Duhau Hotel

      1. Here's a thread I started about BA in January 2008:

        1. After spending a few days in BA, one finds that pastries, breads, meats and potatoes are everywhere, but fresh vegetables are a bit more challenging! For a change of pace from the parillas: Excellent meal last night at Mosoq in Palermo Hollywood! Great to have a change of pace after all of the delicious parillas! Pisco sours that were the real thing, followed by a teriyaki salmon and a tasty salad, loaded with avocado, shrimp and hearts of palm. Flavors used were exceptional. Contemporary local artwork, beautiful lighting and music made for great ambiance. Empty at 9:15 on Friday night, but full by 10:15.

          For another change of pace from parillas, I would highly recommend Sudestra for lunch. Quality and delicous food at an excellent price. (at $8 US-for appetizer, entree and choice of beverage, including wine). Fabulous fresh herbs and vegetables what I would call Vietnamese cuisine. I chose the salad (which had a delicious light peanut vinaigrette, cilantro, tea-boiled eggs, etc..., followed by the vegetarian curry, which included tofu,crispy fried onion strings, rice and wonderful fresh ingredients with spectacular flavors..not "boring" or bland at all!) Clean, modern decor. Much more expensive for dinner. Take advantage of the awesome lunch deal!

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              Thank you! Yes, it is Sudestada!

              Also, wanted to add a bit more restaurant info that I experienced during my month-long stay of eating out daily! (and pound gainage! :)

              La Cabrera: I read and heard wonderful things regarding this restaurant. Because it was open for lunch, I saved it for my "last meal" before hopping on the plane in the late afternoon. Big mistake. One of my WORST meals in BA, and I don't think it was due to "building it up" in my head. The cut of beef was one of the toughest and most gristled pieces of rib-eye that I have ever eaten (I grew up in the midwest, I've eaten my share of steak!). In fact, I was a high-maintenance customer...and even went through 2 DIFFERENT pieces because though I had ordered the first one "azul"/"muy muy muy jugosa" (in hopes to get the true American steakhouse "medium rare,") it came more like medium well....AND incredibly full of gristle. Since it was my LAST meal in BA, and I really didn't want to end it on a medium well cooked steak, I requested a change. They kindly removed that one and brought another one (the server told me he had forgotten to tell them my cooking preference is why it was overdone). It was cooked a true rare-medium rare, but was primarily inedible due to a huge amount of gristle.(well over 1/2-3/4 of the piece was inedible...truly) Such a disappointing last meal in BA after all of my great food there! They do have a pre-fixe lunch special, which may be the reason the steak quality was so poor. When I asked the server if the steak served in the evening was different, he stated "no, just a larger amount." I am unsure. However, I would HIGHLY recommend avoiding it at lunchtime! One other thing to keep in mind with La Cabrera: they serve most sides with lots of mayo mixed in with them. Great if you are a mayo fan, but if not, you may be unhappy with the salad and the side dishes that come with the meals.

              Don Julio-EXCELLENT meal here. Absolutely divine filet cooked beautfully (again, I stated "azul-vuelta y vuelta-muy muy muy jugosa:that translates to "blue-turn and turn-very very juicy! and it came out a beautiful rare-medium rare! ) The filet was literally double the size of anyplace that you would be served in the states (a solid 12-16 ounces-two large filet pieces side by side, in fact). We ordered a salad to share before-hand. It was fresh, delicious and large enough to feed 4 adults as a side. They mixed it for us at the table and we were able to order it with olive oil and vinegar (huge bonus in the country of mayonesa! :) The two of us also shared a side of garlic fries that were tasty, but had we have known how large the salad and meat portions would be, we would have passed on the fries...and still have had lots of beef and greens left!

              Almacen Secreto-another excellent meal. Even though home-style and the entrees were stew type dishes versus large pieces of meat, all of the meat in them had a delicious smoked-parilla taste to them. Dessert highlight that was a huge hit for the entire group was by far the chocolate lava cake. The local corn and honey rice-pudding sort of dish was "interesting", but more of a "pass" by the entire group adventurous and open diners.

              Some of the tastiest local cuisine that I ate was at the Feria de Mataderos. Had the best empanadas of my stay there. Also, a definite "chowhound destination" with lots of local artisan cheese, sausage, jam, dessert and dulce de leche booths of goodies to bring back home. I ate amazing sugar coated fritters filled with sweet potatoes and chocolate (see pic-yum!), choripan, etc... My favorite festival/market I went to in BA!

          1. Six of us ate at La vinería de Gualterio Bolívar. I have to say, we were not impressed. Considering it is extremely expensive for BA, over all it was very disappointing. i'd save your money & got to brunch at the Alvear instead. It's all gimmick & no substance. We were not the only ones who were not impressed. When we were leaving another group of four were discussing their disappointment. Maybe they were having an off day.