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bars in Portland

hi everyone!

im coming up very soon from LA...
got all my food choices down, but i forgot one important thing......nightlife!
any rec's for cool/fun bars, lounges in the downtown vicinity? ideally great drinks, good atmosphere and a mixed fun crowd.
i have no biases...irish bar, pubs, ultra chic lounges...whatever works!

thanks everyone!

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  1. Clyde Common, Teardrop Lounge, ten-01, Bailey's Taproom... I'm sure there are others.

    1. I vote for Clyde Common, put yourself in the good hands of Jeffrey. I also like the bar food and vibe of Carlyle. Blue Hour is interesting. Be sure and do some tasting at local micro distilleries.


      1. Clyde Common, Teardrop Lounge, Ten01 are probably the 3 requisite places. Departure is definately chic and modern and the IT place it seems right now. I just stopped in last night, and while I cant recommend the cocktails, I can say the food is good-great.

        for sports bars, I would go to Life of Riley, The Agency, and OnDeck.

        other cool spots that shouldnt be missed, in no particular order: Victory, Bar Avignon, Zilla(if you like sake), RonToms for the patio, the bar at The Ringside for that old school, rat pack vibe.

        Portland is a great booze town, enjoy!

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          Agree with the top 3.

          Also a fine tiki bar, Thatch. From scratch strong drinks, $5 mai-tais during happy hour, decor (tiki statues) salvaged from several defunct Trader Vic's & the old local Kon-Tiki.

        2. I wouldn't really put Clyde Common or ten-01 into a nightlife category as they are in restaurant bars. Both great, but I don't think you'll be hanging out there until 1am or anything.
          I'd consider Horse Brass as well, assuming you're willing to head east of the river. Victory is good, as is Bar Avignon. The thing about Portland is that it's not a really late late-night town. Bars serve until about 2am but unless it's a weekend you probably won't find hoards of other bar patrons.

          1. The Driftwood, Teardrop, ten-01, Clyde Common are all delicious and somewhat "ultra chic" for Portland. There are a million and one great pubs and wine bars too-- check out barflymag.com for short reviews and helpful info like happy hours. There are some knock-out happy hours in Portland.

            1. I'm all about Bar Avignon. The cocktails, the wine, the food. Wonderful.

              1. Big fan of all the Downtown bars mentioned so far. I think if you're seeking nightlife, your best options are Clyde Common (gastropub), Teardrop Lounge (cocktails), and either ultra chic bar in The Nines hotel with Depature on the top floor or Urban Farmer in the middle floors.

                If you make the trip from The Nines to Clyde to Teardrop, you'll pass a few bars along the way as well, like Living Room Theater or Life of Riley. Restaurants like Ten01 or 50 Plates have an upscale bar scene, though I wouldn't quite classify them as hip high-energy spots. The bar at Bluehour is a happy medium in terms of being an upscale restaurant with an energetic bar.

                You can also go beer-centric while downtown. Bailey's Taproom. Deschutes in the Pearl. Rogue. For more of a nightclub scene, there's Aura and the recently opened Candy as well as the re-branded Blitz. SW Stark St has a bunch of gay bars, but I always see a mixed crowd there. Can't vouch for any of the bars in this paragraph but it just goes to show that Downtown's got a ton of options.

                Clyde Common
                1014 SW Stark St, Portland, OR 97205

                Teardrop Cocktail Lounge
                1015 NW Everett St, Portland, OR 97209

                The Nines
                525 SW Morrison St, Portland, OR 97204

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                  With the chef change I'll still highly recommend Ten01 for drinking but not the food. Rarely seen such an abrupt sharp downturn after a departure.

                2. Just back from a big Chowtrip to Portland and Seatlle.

                  In Portland, I hit the big ones -- Ten 01 (amazing truffle fries at Happy Hour), Blue Hour, Teardrop, Jake's Crawfish, Clyde Common (twice in one night!), Departures, Wildwood, etc....

                  The one I did not see posted on here is Portland City Grill. It is up on the 30th floor of an office building. Very old school feel to it. I sat at the bar, had a glass of wine, a Happy Hour app and checked out an amazing view of the city!

                  -- J

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                    <The one I did not see posted on here is Portland City Grill.>

                    sometimes what is not said is more important than what is.......