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May 13, 2009 03:19 PM

Prime beef (JoCo, KS)

I bought some prime ribeyes at Costco at 123rd and Metcalf this afternoon. They'd been cut today, and were $9.89/lb. They also had prime new york strip for $10.99/lb, if I'm remembering correctly. I saw some sort of prime primal cut, but didn't take notice of the price or cut, sorry, I'm into convenience at the moment. For our family, the ribeyes make twelve servings of prime beef right around $30, not bad at all. We'll grill out tonight and freeze the rest.

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  1. You're a discriminating shopper. Sam's also has terrific ribeyes sold in pkgs. of three.

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      Yeah, we used one of those one day passes at Sam's and decided we didn't like their product mix as well as Costco's. Just not for us. It's good for hounds to know when and where prime meat becomes available at a decent price, as protein, and food in general, has become more expensive. The ribeyes from Costco were very tasty and tender, BTW.