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May 13, 2009 03:18 PM

Casual in Conshohocken? (Or nearby)

I live in Philly, but am looking for a place to take my parents after a lengthy trip. They are staying in Conshohocken so would love a casual place nearby. Something non-BYO would be best!

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  1. Scott -

    What type of food do they like? If they are staying at the Marriott, Shula's is good for a steak!
    I would highly recommend Blackfish in Conshy but it is a BYOB.
    Totaro's is good for Italian - Coyote Crossing for Mexican.

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    1. re: Betharu

      Any type of cuisine really, just somewhere you can wear Jeans. I've been to Totaro's and that is a bit pricey for what I am looking for. Something in the $18 entree range. Coyote Crossing looks pretty good. Thanks!

    2. Gypsy or Stella Blue across the bridge may fit the bill

      1. gypsy saloon, stella blu (same owner) or maybe even spamps would work.

        1. Baggataways Tavern is a very casual bar with really good food. I have never had a bad meal and very reasonable.

          1. I live in Conshohocken and recommend Whitemarsh Valley Inn in Lafayette Hill. Their seafood dishes are good, especially the crab imperial. Bertucci's, PF Chang's and California Pizza Kitchen at the Plymouth Meeting Mall are good chain restaurants. Totaro's in Conshohocken is pricey but very good. Coyote Crossing has great food but well-documented poor service. Viggiano's is excellent upscale Italian but BYOB. Spamp's offers good food but absolutely no ambience. Pepperocini is an interesting and often very crowded option.