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May 13, 2009 02:50 PM

Where can I get dry ice in Seattle?

I will be coming back to Seattle to do some grocery shopping at Trader Joe's (we don't have one in Boise ... and if you are used to having one and then move somewhere without a TJ, you might understand my need to pilgrimage :-D )

Anyway, I will be traveling with ice packs and insulated bags, but I just got a great idea about using dry ice. That stuff takes forever to melt and between my time getting to the airport and getting home, I am looking at about 5 hrs.

Is there a place I can buy a bag of dry ice in Seattle (preferably close to downtown)? Does anyone know about how much it costs?


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  1. Most grocery stores carry it (haven't actually tried TJ's but you might ask). I know you can get it at QFC, and it is failry cheap, like $3 for a small block. Be careful though, it will be too cold to be in contact w/ any food - be sure to insulate. Have a fun trip!

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    1. I noticed that Fred Meyer in Ballard has ice chests that say "dry ice" by the registers. When I was a kid, people would get dry ice from ice cream stores and bakeries. Not sure why.

      1. I've used Allied ICE, 615 NW Bright St, in Frelard, just off Leary Way.

        1. I live on Vashon, and do my grocery shopping off island (TJs, Costco, etc). I try to get most of my groceries for the month done in a single off island trip, so it may be several hours until my frozen goods make it home. I always buy dry ice.

          Trader Joes does NOT carry it.

          Safeway, at least the one in lower Queen Anne, does - ask for it at the check out counter.
          QFC carries it - ask for it in the fish dept.

          1. There are airline regulations regarding the quantity and packaging of dry ice as is considered hazardous. Make sure you double check to make sure you can bring it on the plane. I believe it must travel as checked baggage and can't be carried on. If you're only going to be away from a freezer for 5 hours, gel-ice and insulation should be fine-- dry ice is probably overkill.