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May 13, 2009 02:49 PM

Pittsburgh for 4 nights

Hi all,
My first post. Hubby is going to Pittsburgh for a trade show tomorrow and I normally scour these boards to find places that is worth going to. Pittsburgh came up a bit dry. Does anyone have any recs for areas around the Westin Covention Centre hotel at 1000 Penn Ave? Nothing fancy necessary, just good food, value for money. Ethnic is fine (but we live in Toronto where the chinese is pretty good so probably no chinese) but no steak houses as he does not eat meat. If farther away no problem as long as it's worth the cab fare.
Thanks very much in advance!!

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  1. Less than a mile's walk from that area of Downtown is the restaurant Kaya ( in the Strip District (where he may find other places to dine, like the landmark Primati Brothers location -

    I know things have changed in the 7 or so years since I've lived there, but the deal is that not a ton of people live Downtown, and so much of its office population leaves at 5pm. As a result there isn't much of a critical mass of restaurants there.

    Also, you can't hail cabs. So, while it will be feasible to get one at the hotel, it will be tougher to get back. The Strip District is a walkable distance. And, the Oakland area is fairly populated (where the universities are), and easier to get back from. There you'll find places like Spice Island Tea House and Fuel & Fuddle. Two of my favorites.

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    1. re: urbanfabric is a new store. downtown Pgh is slowly getting better. I agree Kaya in Strip District. Salonia Gyros on 6th has good cheap veggie platter.
      Southside/Carson St. has a variety of options.

    2. Thanks very much for your help, urbanfabric and 42duffy!...He just called to ask and I'll tell him about your suggestions!

      1. As far as walking distance goes, I would recommend a couple places for really good food and good value.
        Eleven - Restaurant is on the pricier side but if he sits in the bar area (which is very comfortable) they have a great Tavern menu that has items different from the regular menu that are very reasonably priced and food is outstanding.
        Six Penn Kitchen - Great food and I think great value.
        Seviche - Small plates, but I think the food is usually pretty good.
        Nine on Nine - This is on the more expensive side but I think offers some of the best, if not the best food in the city. These are all within 3-4 blocks of the Westin.

        1. Seviche, Sonoma Grille - very good and close to the hotel.
          Palate Bistro has a decent bar menu and very cool bar.

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          1. re: six dower

            Thanks mcharles and six dower, this is great (lots of choices that sounds good.)...I find that concierge rec's can be really hit and miss (sometimes we get sent to a total tourist trap!) but chowhound members recs can almost always be relied on for a decent meal. Will post back if there is anything outstanding.
            Thanks again!