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May 13, 2009 02:43 PM

Orange County Bachelorette Party

Looking for a restaurant in Orange County/LA to have a friend's bachelorette dinner party. The right place would have a fun party atmosphere and good food at decent prices. Under $30 per person would be great. Cuisine unimportant but we do have a few people who don't want anything too spicy or exotic. The following cities preferred: Fullerton, Brea, Orange, La Habra, Whitter, La Mirada, Cerritos, Buena Park or Huntington beach. Also if you can recommend any fun stuff or cool after hours places in the area that would be great too. Dancing, Pool hall, gambling, strip club, etc. Thanks!

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  1. Folks, please keep us on track by recommending great places for food and drink. Our site's great because of the laserlike focus on chow.

    Tips on dancing, gambling, limo services, places to get pink tutus etc, really isn't our thing and dilutes the site's purpose. We ask everyone to stay on point.

    1. I had to drive up to LA for my bachelorette party.... It was about five years ago and we went to Table 8 for a delicious dinner & Hollywood Men for (not-so-delicious, but very entertaining) drinks. If I had to do one locally in north OC, I might head to downtown Fullerton for a more lively dinner scene (if I was in my 20s) or head to Taps Seafood/Brewery (more fitting in my middleage)....

      1. Go to Javier's Crystal Cove in Newport atmosphere for a bachelorette party.