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May 13, 2009 02:06 PM

Framingham for birthday lunch

Am taking a friend to Garden in the Woods for her birthday and wanted to find a nice spot to treat her to lunch after our visit. We're not looking for a fancy meal, but a cheerful spot with high quality entree salads, soups, etc...any thoughts?

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    1. Garden in the Woods is smack in between Framingham and Sudbury, so you have choices on both sides of the Woods. In Sudbury, Bullfinch's might be nice. Or if you like sushi, Oishii 2 is really great. There's also a Fugakyu, though I've never been to the Sudbury location.

      If you're at Oishii 2, you can also visit Duck Soup in the same plaza - it's a cute little gourmet shop with nice cheese, bread, and pate.