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May 13, 2009 01:46 PM

Kona Grill

New addition to the Woodbridge NJ rt 1 corridor...Opened last week...Anyone know this small chain?

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  1. We eat at the one in KC every once in a while. Sushi ok, salmon and tuna ok, macadamia chicken good, avocado eggrolls different. They do discounts at happy hour and it's a good deal. FWIW I did not realize that Kona is a chain until I saw your post;
    that either speaks well for the restaurant or means I should get out from under my rock more often. ;)

    1. Was gunna just post about this too. I am curous about Kona Grill. The menu looks very eclectic with various choices from sushi to salads, chicken, noodles, steaks, etc. So it seems like a nice place for groups that have different tastes. I am really curious about their bone-in ribeye since I love steak.

      Anyone tried it yet?

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. live a mile away from one in troy, mi. have eaten there a few times. sushi is average. appetizers were surprisingly bad. sea bass is decent. my kids didn't like their pasta dishes. prices are above average. the best thing about the place is the bar. good happy hour. tables on a screened in patio. we go for beers more than anything.

          1. I used to work odd hours and would eat at Kona about once a week since it was one of the few places in Omaha that served food past 10 p.m. Their sushi is decent, and their pizza is great (especially for the prices on the reverse happy hour). I haven't had much experience with their entrees, though.