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May 13, 2009 01:42 PM

West side Restaurant Recommendation BYOB

I have friends who in their 30's whom still live like they are on high school budgets. I am looking for a restaurant on the west side (I say west side loosely) which has tapas style food service and has BYOB with non or minimal corkage fee.

I got tired of attending gatherings where these group of people order 1 drink per person and order a few appetizers for the entire table. I was hoping that reasonable tapas style food and having them bring their own alcoholic beverage get together would be more "suitable" for their lifestyle and less "looks" from the wait staff at the restaurants.

Any suggestions?

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  1. if you can see your way to having something other than tapas, this would be easier.. . . .

    1. It does not necessarily need to be tapas. Please provide some sincere recommendations.

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        mao's kitchen in venice serves tasty chinese-inspired california food and has NO corkage.
        the main drawback to this place is that they don't take reservations.
        this is a 'beach casual' place with very reasonable prices.

        26 beach restaurant (also in venice), i believe, has a $10 corkage charge (which is about what they charge for one glass of wine). they serve a wide variety of terrific entree salads and burgers(that come with fries) that cost ~$15. they also serve more costly entrees, but for your group, it makes more sense to stick to the burgers and salads. it should be noted that the decor in this restaurant is 'shabby chic,' definitely more fancy than mao's kitchen.

        mao's kitchen
        1512 PACIFIC AV, 310.581.8305

        26 beach
        3100 Washington Blvd Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 - (310) 823-7526

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          another solution to the problem might be to have the meeting timed to take advantage of the happy hour deals that are being offered all over town.
          my favorite happy hour deal is offered by chan dara, the thai restaurant on pico near bundy. during happy hour ALL their apps are half price.

        2. hate to bring chains into the mix but houston's, gulfstream and bandera's do charge corkage.

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            Of course wilafur meant: do "not" charge corkage (and we might as well add their new sister restaurant on Montana to that list "R&D Kitchen as having a No Corkage policy as well)

            1. re: Servorg

              oops. "do not" is correct. lols.