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May 13, 2009 01:00 PM

Red Fish Grill - no take-out??

My family and I will be going to Matheson Hammock Park with the kids on Sunday afternoon to go to the beach, etc. We figured we would get some take out from Red Fish Grill to eat back at our place after all of the days activities. When I called to inquire, the girl who answered the phone didn't seem to understand what I was talking about and then simply said that they do not permit take out. I was surprised and I'm curious as to why a restaurant would have a no take out policy? Any comments?

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  1. I am guessing maybe you spoke with a dunce. Playing DA, I would say

    They do not want people passing by sweaty from the park, in shorts or flip flops.
    They do not want to detract from the atmosphere with people walking in and out, or by having containers sitting up front.
    They don't have sufficient carry-out containers.
    It's inconvenient and they doubt it will detract people from going if they just say no.

    Food's ok anyhow. I've had nice meals and I've had fishy meals there, but nothing I'd be driven to take out from. The main draw is the locale.

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    1. re: Icantread

      I second that. The red fish grill is truly a medicore restaurant at best, the menu is not conducive to take out anyway. My advice would be that on your back to where you are going stop somewhere that has AMAZING take out and have a great meal.

      Red FIsh grill is nothing special and not worth the prices

      1. re: SarahChef

        Ordering takeout from Red Fish would be like falling in love with Jessica Simpson for her mind. Folks go there for the vibe and the desolate dinner location, not the merely adequate food and limited libations. It's hard to imagine anyone driving through the Matheson Hammock maze just to take the food out. The beach -- okay, lagoon -- crowd that's already there thins out considerably by the time it opens for dinner. By the time they've been baking out in the sun that long, waiting for takeout isn't a savory notion.

        I'm with Sarah, enjoy Matheson Hammock as a way to battle the beach crowds elsewhere with a unique swimming hole experience and some cool nature trails. There is also no harm in heading out to Red Fish Grill for dinner as a standalone experience (if you're scoring on style points).