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May 13, 2009 12:38 PM

chefs: knife roll recommendations?

i've just acquired a bunch of new knives and i'm in the market for a decent, cheap knife roll.
i'd like something with a few spots for mid-size chef knives, a boning knife, a few paring knife size slots, at least one slot for a medium size cleaver and a slot for a whetstone.
most chef supply websites look absolutely geocities, which means they're bollocks and surfas only has a fancy ass german knife roll.
the reason i'm posting in los angeles is because i'd much rather buy a knife roll in a store so i can take a look at it first, however online suggestions welcome as well.
as you can tell, i don't know much, so anyone with suggestions please help!

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  1. I have had very good luck with the Messermeister knife rolls. I have been using them for the last 20 years with no complaints. They are well made, and not expensive. The last one I bought came from Kendel Cutlery on line, very good prices.

    1. Don't know where you are, but besides Surfas, try the other commercial kitchen supply places in town. Where are you, anyway?

      I bought my basic, Cordura nylon wrap at Sur La Table years ago. It's a Global branded wrap, and it holds most of the stuff you mention. Wrapping my waterstone in it would overload it, so in your situation, I would get a small tackle box instead. I have blade guards for my knives, so chucking a bunch of knives into a box wouldn't harm my edges.

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      1. re: Professor Salt

        i'm a south bay/westside guy.
        thanks for the rec.
        i had a feeling that i wouldn't be able to find a roll with space for a whetstone, but i was hoping to find one anyways.
        do you have a good rec for blade guards?
        i don't know anything about those either.

        1. re: alkylyou

          Edge guards: I have both the hard plastic ones (forget the brand, but every kitchen supply has them) and the harder to find magnetic ones from Forschner. Of the two, I think the magnetic ones are better because 1) their slim profile and 2) less prone to slip off accidentally of superthin or thick blades. You do have to be careful not to store your knives wet, especially plain carbon blades, because any blade guard will promote rust unless you're careful.

          That said: look at I got mine special ordered from Chef's Toys, as they sell Forschner knives.

          Now, to keep the replies pertinent to L.A., the only kitchen supply in Torrance that I know is Cookin' Stuff, and it is a more consumer oriented shop. You're probably better off at the pro oriented places along Washington Avenue.

          Being more of an Orange County guy, I can recommend Chef's Toys and 2000 Plus, both in Fountain Valley, plus OC Restaurant Supply in Orange. In L.A., try Charlie's Fixtures on Venice & Western. There's also Alpine Fixtures on Washington, plus several more near Alpine, plus or minus a few blocks.

          1. re: Professor Salt

            prof. salt, you never fail.
            thanks for the info.
            most of my knives are actually those cheap thai kiwi brand knives with a wider blade, so i'm going to have to look for wider blade guards.
            those magnetic ones look really cool.
            i've heard a lot about charlie's fixtures, so i'll probably try to hit that.

      2. I believe you are in the South Bay, have you looked into Cookin' Stuff in Torrance?

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        1. re: JEN10

          haha yeah, i'm in the south bay.
          i just moved back to torrance from the westside after graduation, though i'm trying to move back soon.
          i've been to cookin' stuff a bunch and every time i go in there without my mom, the staff is just baffled by my presence, though i've never shopped exclusively at the knife counter.
          i know they have an extensive selection of knives, so this is a major plus.

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