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May 13, 2009 12:20 PM

2 nights in baltimore?

Hi there -
My husband and I are spending a few nights (ALONE - no kids!) in Baltimore this Thurs/Fri... any suggestions on good places to go for a relaxing and tasty meal? We like all kinds of food...

Lunch suggestions are good too, but I want the dinners to be especially good.


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  1. El Tio Pepe: great Spanish classic restaurant.
    Charleston: in fells point. great chef cooking regional cuisine
    The Prime Rib: Throw back restaurant, ,men must wear a jacket, superb meats and seafoods and large cocktails
    Black Olive: fells point, mediteranean,
    Ikaro's: classic greek
    Obrycki's or Bo Brooks: classic Baltimore crab houses-- a dozen jumbo steamed hardshells, a bucket of softshell steamed clams, and a pitcher of doesnt get better than that
    have fun.

    1. What are you looking for? Hole in the wall? High End?
      Here are some of my favorite Baltimore restaurants:
      Petit Louis Bistro - French
      Tio Pepe - Spanish
      Samos - BYOB Greek - great hole in the wall
      Chameleon Cafe - French influenced cafe in a rowhouse
      Brewer's Art - mix of modern art and beer
      Mama's on the Half Shell - amazing mac & cheese, wings, seafood club for lunch and amazing bloddy mary