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May 13, 2009 11:32 AM

Asian in Paris 6th

Last year, after 3 great French dinners 3 nights in a row, we were just unable to imagine the thought of another meal with so much rich food. It was great, but we needed a break.

We stumbled upon a tiny Asian place, and it was terrific! No atmosphere, but one man in the front serving, and the wife in the back cooking. It was all terrific, and a welcome break from the excellent, but very rich and filling French food.

Problem is, I lost the card from the place! It is in the 6th, very near Jacques Cagna, perhaps on the same street. It is just a hole in the wall, maybe 12 tables, and since we are going back in Sept I was looking forward to eating there again as a good break from the French food. Does anybody possibly know what the name and location of this place could be? Thanks!

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  1. It's Pagodon, at #21, Viet specialties. Please tell no one!

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    1. re: Oakglen

      I won't tell a soul....but is it open on Sunday for dinner and do you need to reserve?

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        In short, I don't know about Sundays; but most Mom & Pop bistrots are not open. They do have a telephone; however I would just walk in if you want to reserve, to avoid language issues.

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        Oakglen, I can't believe it: you really hadn't told anyone!

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          Souphie, I do worry about citing these tiny spots here, and on other popular web sites. Mom & Pop cafes/bistrots can offer a great experience, especially given the low prices they have to go with. But with high rents and long hours, one has to worry about consistency, quality maintenance and back-up support. Having a family history in the food business, I know "it ain't easy".

      3. When I need a break from rich food in Paris and have euros to spare, I head to Yen, which is also located in the 6th. It's been written up all over so it's not exactly a hidden gem but nonetheless, it's one of the better soba joints I've found outside Japan.

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          Someone just recommended to me a place called Minh Chau, in the 4th. Anybody been there? Any feedback?

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            And you can look in the window and see it made in front of you

          2. Yes, regardless of the many restaurant mouth pieces bellowing forth, yes! you can get very sick eating rich food. It's a fact! Gluttony is not good for you. Some say it's a sin. But, to each his own poison.

            Maybe you were thinking of Le Canton, which my wife and I adore in the 6th just off and parallel to St Germaine on a very small street near Mabillon. We like the seafood soup and other fish items.

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              Oh, thanks. Looked up Le Canton, it is on the opposite side of St Germain. Le Pagodon looks like the place I was at.

              Will also be in the 4th, in the Marais. Does anybody have any feedback on Minh Chau?