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May 13, 2009 11:27 AM


Chow-spouse is heading to Carlisle in a week for two nights. Looking mostly for dinners as lunch is usually planned. I searched the board and found these options, pretty much in the order that I think they'd be recommended.

Thoughts? Additions?
I should mention we prefer local, seasonal, sustainable foods - but are by no means vegetarians! For dinner we do prefer salads, entrees over sandwiches - but if there is something really good that rule won't stand.
Also I have seen mixed reviews of Julianna's
Thanks for any help!

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  1. Yes to Piatto, I also like Issei Noodle - 54 W High St
    If chow spouse likes beer, the Market Cross pub has a good selection (food, not so)

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      Excellent! I was thinking after I posted that I had no Asian - and believe it or not I found the most excellent Asian in TN for another trip (Hong Kong House - Knoxville I think)
      Chow spouse is more a wine person than beer - esp beer with no food - I'd be there tho!

    2. Since Empire closed, I don't have a place for you in Carlisle, but I will tell you I was very favorably impressed with Bricco in Harrisburg, a restaurant from a pair of restaurant school's. Mind you, I only get back every so often after living their briefly many moons ago, but I thought it was the best meal I'd had in the region.

      I also found I liked Passage to India. Now in fairness, I lived in what was "Curry Hill" in New York and the food there was more assertive, and yes, just plain better but the setting here was lovely and the food refined (my guess: southern India, but not Goa) was a top five or top ten experience for me in the area,

      1. I would toss in Rillo's and the Boiling Springs Tavern. Rillos is out near the airport and the Tavern is a short drive to the lovely town of Boiling Springs.

        1. I know this is outdated but in case someone else comes to the boards looking I'll throw in my 2 cents since I have eaten at all of these places.

          Piatto-can be very good, don't order the fish (shellfish are good though). The Piatto Salad is delicious, and the pasta or pork/lamb chops seem to be the most consistent. Prices have risen in recent years.

          Visaggio- Don't waste your time. I felt like I was eating at some early bird special for older folks. Some people swear by it but I feel there are better places for Italian food out there.

          California Cafe-I have always prefered lunch here. The salads, soups and sandwiches are good. Haven't had a bad meal except during parents/graduation weekend at the college. Never try to eat out IN Carlisle on these weekends. Worth the extra drive to not deal with the craziness.

          Alibis-Only been once when it first opened. Had a burger and it was fine. Hear decent things about it from most people.

          Issei Noodle- One of my favorite places. Never had something I didn't like. Service can be a little slow at times. Not open late, closes during weekday afternoons between lunch and dinner.

          Market Cross Pub-food average, nothing special. Beer selection stellar. Go to drink and maybe eat an appetizer or sandwich (although BF adores their Beef and Guiness)

          Bricco-I LOVE BRICCO. Definitely worth the drive form Carlisle. Some of the pizzas not up to the rest of the standards. A superior dining experience. Lot parking inexpensive right across the street.

          Passage to India- Not quite as good as some of the other Indian. I think I like Angaan the best. Taj Palace is good too. Passage has the fanciest atmosphere.

          Rillo's- very old fashioned, not my favorite but there are a few dishes on the menu that are tasty. A little pricey for all its short comings. Have never been able to sit in the nicest areas of the restaurant even at off peak hours.

          Boiling Springs Tavern-Only been once. Enjoyed my meal. Would go again.

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            I wrote an extensive review of Cafe Bruges this past Fall, and would definitely add it to a list of Carlisle eats.

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              If you go to rillos. There are a few things that you need to try. The seafood bisque is very good. Adding it to a meal for 2.95 is worth it price. Ala carte is 6.95. There are a few things that they have that are different. They have this marinette sauce. it is a citrus, ginger, garlic sauce. They serve it with blackened scallops, shrimp and lump crab in their appetizer. They also serve it in there chicken and shrimp marinette. pasta dish. You can get the appetizer version as a dinner. Get the marinette appetizer as a dinner over capellini. Get this with the seafood bisque and you will be happy. The garlic bread is good but only stays hot for a minute.
              The pasta dishes are huge but totally worth it. There is a 7.00 split fee so say you get the big dish for yourself and eat the rest at home.
              My recommendations are the chicken and crab pinot grigio, seafood marinette appetizer turned dinner w/seafood bisque to start, and the lobster and shrimp diablo pasta if you are in for something spicy.
              CHeck this place out. It's been there for 50 years. New owners took it over a few years back. One complaint I had was some of the booths had rips and they don't seem to fix them. There is an easy fix from companies who do that stuff w/vinyl guns. But I think if you sit in the "old room" you will be a happy camper.
              If you like dessert. I would not go anywhere but the tirimisu or the creme brulee

              Rillo's Restaurant
              60 Pine St, Carlisle, PA 17013