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May 13, 2009 11:20 AM

Meat Loaf Monmouth Co.

I need something to drop off at a friends house who this week lost her mother in law. Just thinking
about something for dinner, as they may not want to cook or have time to prepare.. I am looking for either just heat and eat or uncooked from a deli. If you brought someting else at a time like this I would like to hear about that too... Thanks

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  1. Pat's Deli on Newman's Springs Road ( Rt 520) in Lincroft is excellent. They have a wide range of prepared foods. In the same strip mall as Dunkin Donuts.

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      And while there, pick up some Thai from Manow. (100 yards east)

    2. Fresh fruit tray, already cut up. It's nutritious and you can eat it in the morning, for lunch or for dessert. People have always liked this when I have brought it.

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        I've received an "Edible Arrangement" when my family went through a loss, and it really was perfect. Something to pick on when we had little appetite but knew we should eat something--and it's bright and cheery at a time when not much else is...

      2. Pick up some potpies from Sickles in Little Silver. Can't think of a better comfort food. Heat and eat. One will feed two people, depending on appetite.

        1. Dearborn Market on Route 35 in Holmdel has a good variety of prepared foods.
          I especially love their roasted root veggies and Grilled Turkey and Wild Rice Salad (with pecans and cranberries). Haven't tried their meatloaf, but given the very high quality of their meats, I'd bet that it's good.
          They also have a great stuffed breads--a good heat and eat thing to have on hand.