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May 13, 2009 11:17 AM

Black carbon steel fry pan in San Diego

I would like to purchase a black fry pan. But I want to see and feel it, before I buy. Is there any store who sells black carbon steel fry pan with natural finish?

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  1. Try a bed bath & beyond, very good prices also.

    1. San Diego Restaurant Supply on Market, talk to Lucy or Sylvia, 619.239.8107, my go to place for all of my kitchen needs. They'll get you the right thing.

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      1. re: deckape

        Thank you guys.

        I will check them out.

        1. re: mayuchico

          I checked with them on the carbon steel pans and they have them...and it won't break the bank.

      2. City Chef (4297 Convoy) has a large selection - when I moved down from Canada, I re-stocked almost my entire kitchen from there.

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        1. re: CampySD

          I think you mean Chef City, not City Chef :). Also, they have a new location now, they're not on convoy anymore. They have a website that you can look up on google.

          1. re: mliew

            Thanks for the clear up - that's what I get for replying to a thread in the middle of work muddle ;)