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Greek Festivals in Central NJ

A couple of years ago I went to a Greek festival near Westfield. It was great fun and the food was outstanding.

I'd be interested in knowing about other Greek festivals scheduled in the next few months. Here's one that will be held in mid-June near Flemington (actually about half way between Flemington and Frenchtown):


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  1. I've seen some signs that went up last week for a Greek festival in the East Windsor area (I believe -- my memory of the signs is hazy at the moment). The festival is this month.

    I recognize that the vague details of this post were not especially helpful, but maybe someone else has seen the signs on the side of the road like I've seen them.

    1. I believe there is one coming up in a few weeks in Piscataway (just outside of New Brunswick and Highland Park.

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        Pretty sure that I saw signs for the Greek Festival this weekend in Piscataway

      2. I should have tried this before but Google provided the answer to my own post!

        For those who are interested, just search "Greek festival" along with 'Jersey' and '2009', and several festivals will pop up. There are a couple this weekend.

        1. There is one every summer in Holmdel at a Greek church with very good food. Sorry don't know the name of church, they do have a website though.

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            The festival in Holmdel is my favorite. We've been going for years. Delicious food and great homemade pastries. Avoid the wine. They have some nice dance performances by the parish kids, but otherwise there is not much to do but eat.

            Kimisis Tis Theotokou
            Festival - 2009
            June 4 Thursday 6 pm to 10 pm
            June 5 Friday 5 pm to 12 midnight
            June 6 Saturday 3 pm to 12 midnight
            June 7 Sunday 12 noon to 8 pm

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              thanks val! that's the one i was referring to. love the food there.

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                hi val- dh and i might try the greek festival you mentioned. one question- why avoid the wine?

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                  >> why avoid the wine?
                  In previous years, they've sold a greek wine in a screw-top bottle. Tried it once and did not like it at all. We stick to beer or soda.
                  I don't think your could BYOB, as the festival is a fund-raiser.
                  Enjoy the wonderful food!

            2. Hamilton's Greek Orthodox church is having its Greek festival right now. It's lasting through Sunday. I forget the name of the church though...

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              1. I'm hoping to get to the festival near Flemington this year. Has anyone here been to this one? How was the food?

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                  I go every year to the Flemington Greek Festival. The food is very good. Desserts are also wonderful. It can get very crowded, so try to avoid typical lunch and dinner hours.

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                    This is probably a larger question than just the Flemington Greek Festival... I have never been to one of those greek festivals. Are they better than just going to a good Greek restaurant?

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                      Thank you and I'll remember the advice.

                  2. I don't know if you consider it central, but there's one in Randolph in mid-June.

                    1. Did anybody go to any of these festivals?
                      Did you eat anything AMAZING that was unique and delicious?
                      Just curious.

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                        I went to St Demetrious festival in Perth Amboy .
                        Food was very good - I had pork shish kebab over rice - tasty marinated pork and nicely cooked rice . Oh , and a Greek beer - Mythos !
                        Important to go Friday or Saturday as they start running out of things by Saturday evening .
                        I also bought walnut cake and another white cake - can't remember what is was called . Both excellent !
                        Food was served indoors cafeteria style and simpler meals outdoors in a taverna tent .

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                          I had to miss the St. Andrew's Festival in Randolph this year - booooooo

                        2. ALMOST in central NJ is the annual "Greek Agora" festival at St Thomas Church in Cherry Hill. It is billed as the largest of its kind in the US. There is live entertainment - bands, dancers, and on opening night (I think) there are Greek comedians. Lots of good Greek food and wine, including lamb roasted on spits outdoors. We go every year and enjoy it thoroughly.
                          This year it runs the first four days of October, rain or shine (most things are under tents or in the church auditorium). Their website


                          currently redirects to the church site, but they'll probably change that as the time grows near.

                          1. Not a Greek festival, but from the same corner of the planet...(and posted here because it's late)...there's a Lebanese fest taking place this weekend thru Sunday at St. Sharbel Maronite church in Somerset...corner of Easton Ave and Franklin Blvd.


                            1. It's that time of year again. Just saw signs that the Greek Festival at Razberry's near Flemington is on Memorial Day Weekend this year. Looking forward to it!

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                                Festivals also in Union and Westfield.

                                1. More information here about the 2011 Greek festivals.....


                                  A couple of them (including Piscataway) have already come and gone but there are many more in the next month.

                                  1. St. Andrew's in Randolph is this weekend. Early this year.

                                    1. We went to the Greek festival in Hamilton on Friday night, which was recommended as one of the better Greek festivals by a Greek friend of mine. It was alright, but nothing that we'll go back to. They had the "greatest hits" of Greek food at fairly reasonable prices. The quality was OK. However, nothing was better tasting or that much better priced than what we'd get in a Greek restaurant. At the restaurant, I wouldn't have to jockey for a table, either. I'd lose out on the live dancing and music, which was nice.

                                      Compared to a lot of other food festivals, though, this was very good. It seems that a lot of these festivals, no matter the ethnicity or ingredient that they're celebrating, have been taken over by carnival food providers -- corn dogs, cotton candy, and the like. In contrast, all the food at this festival was Greek and made fresh for the festival. I tip my hat to them for preserving that part of the festival.

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                                        I went to the Hamilton Greek festival as well as the one in Piscataway the week before and overall I prefer Piscataway .
                                        Food was better both taste and portions and prices were lower . There's another good one coming up June 3/4/5 in Perth Amboy - St Demetrious - as good as Piscataway easily .

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                                          For some considering northern monmouth county central jersey, the greek festival in Holmdel is June 9-12th. http://www.greek-fest.com/cgi-bin/dis...

                                      2. St. Athanasios Greek Orthodox Church, Paramus, NJ
                                        Festival Starts: 5/12/2011 (Greek festival details & map to church)
                                        St. George Greek Orthodox Church, Piscataway, NJ
                                        Festival Starts: 5/13/2011 (Greek festival details & map to church)
                                        St. George Greek Orthodox Church, Trenton, NJ
                                        Festival Starts: 5/19/2011 (Greek festival details & map to church)
                                        St. Andrew Greek Orthodox Church, Randolph, NJ
                                        Festival Starts: 5/20/2011 (Greek festival details & map to church)
                                        St. Anthony Greek Orthodox Church, Vineland, NJ
                                        Festival Starts: 5/26/2011 (Greek festival details & map to church)
                                        St. Anna Greek Orthodox Church, Flemington, NJ
                                        Festival Starts: 5/27/2011 (Greek festival details & map to church)

                                        Also in June:


                                          1. 2014 Update: Big Greek Festival is scheduled from May 30-June 1 at St. Andrew Greek Orthodox Church in Randolph, NJ.

                                            There's a coupon for free admission both on the festival website at www.biggreekfestival.com and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/biggreekfestival, along with hundreds of photos and video.

                                            Traditional Greek food hot off the grills, youth folk dancing and live music are major features.

                                            For people who can't stay but still want a taste of the savory goodies, a take-out menu is available for lunch Friday, May 30 from 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

                                            The slogan this year, "Even More in 44!" marking the 44th year of the annual event. Everyone's invited!

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                                            1. Weekend of June 13, 2014, Greek Festival will be returning to Flemington in their new location on Voorhees Corner Road.

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                                              1. This weekend (May 30, 31 and June 1) there is also a great Greek Festival being held in Randolph, NJ at the St. Andrew Greek Orthodox Church on Sussex Ave. It's lots of fun, and great food!

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                                                  I've got my ticket already! heading there tomorrow.