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May 13, 2009 10:12 AM

Favorite restaurants in South County, RI?

Wondering if any of you could share some of your favorite restaurants....casual to fine dining in South County, RI?

My brother and his family just moved to Wakefield recently and are huge foodies. Would love to give him a list of some great places to try.

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  1. I sound like a broken record because I always post about this restaurant, but Markos Kabob in Narragansett has great Mediterranean. Coast Guard House had a nice, semi-fancy brunch. Here's a Narragansett restaurant list with websites:

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    1. re: coastalgypsy

      Trio - Narr.
      Turtle Soup - Narr.
      Estia (Greek)
      Cheeky Monkey - Narr.
      Starboard Galley - Charlestown
      Catarina's Italian Village - Narr.
      Siena - E.G.
      Celestial Cafe - Exeter
      Kon (Asian) - E.G.
      Junction Trattoria and Bistro - N.K.

      1. re: Sean

        Estia is much better than Marko's. Had dinner there with my wife, last night, after seeing "Julia" at the Cinema. - Boy, were we hungry! The Mezze Platter, for $19.oo, was immense and fresh. We met in Greece(both American) and lived there for two years. This is as good as it gets, to include the greek wine list. The lamb main courses were fine. Just like in Greece, the heart of fun dining is in the appetizers. Just order them like Tapas, one at a time, or, get the Platter. It is dinner for two.

      2. re: coastalgypsy

        Just because they are on the chamber list, it doesn't mean they are good.

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          I highly recommend Spain's in Narragansett. Great, reasonably-priced paella that I've ever had.

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            I'm aware that just because they're on the chamber list, it doesn't mean they're good --- I used the chamber list because all the websites are listed on there ... you know, so people can easily locate some of the restaurants we're suggesting.

        2. Let's not forget Iggy's for chowder and clamcakes. There's also Carpenter's farm stand when the RI sweet corn comes in and Schartner's for berry picking.

          1. The Mews Tavern right in Wakefield is very good. Typical pub/tavern kind of place (as opposed to a fine dining establishment calling themselves a 'tavern'), casual, and good service. Was there a few times last summer, and enjoyed the apps and burgers we had in the bar area. Huge selection of micro-brewed beers. Haven't tried their dinner menu yet.


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              I really love the pizza & calzones at The Mews!

            2. Love the food at Fat Belly's. Casual tavern, great pizza and burgers. The original is technically in Warwick, but on the East Greenwich line (near Goddard Park.) I believe the new location in East Greenwich is now open as well. Great beer on tap.

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              1. re: dagwood

                Yes! Bat Belly's burgers are the best in the area...

              2. From Narra. north ok Narra South forget it Newport and Jamestown very nice
                Siena, Kon excellent . Fat Belly's fun nice. No fine dining in Narra.south