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May 13, 2009 10:01 AM

Any good restaurants near Ringwood, Oakland, Greenwood Lake?

Hi There! Wondering if anyone has any favorite places they would recommend in this area?

All different types of suggestions are welcome. Seems like there aren't many that people rave about in this area.

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  1. Right up the road from Greenwood Lake is the Iron Forge Inn in Bellvale (Warwick).

    It's set back on a country road in a historic building. Visually it's quite charming with lots of fireplaces and antiques.

    Food is outstanding. It's my most favorite restaurant in the whole world. The chef is incredibly creative. He uses a lot of dumplings and polenta in his meals. Food is seasonal and often locally sourced (even the ice cream in the desserts comes from a dairy up the road).

    Service has always been pleasant and friendly and although I only go here once or twice a year (it's not that close to home, so it's strictly a special occasion restaurant for us), the owners now recognize my husband and me.

    1. Berta's Chateau in Wanaque. It's old-school Italian/Continental, but done very well, and quite reasonable as the prices are based on the main course you choose, but you get all the other courses included in that price. The list of Italian wines is truly spectacular.

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        In Ringwood, Raku has much better than average sushi. Across Skyline Drive is a new Thai place which is also owned by the Raku folks. Haven't tried it yet but the menu looks very good. Berta's is good. Be on the lookout for their '$5 over price' wine dinnrs and the Sunday dinner special too. Ringwood Pizza (Mall by the library) has an excellent 'Grandma's Pie' which isn't on the menu, so ask for it. There's also a Thai place in West Milford that isn't bad. Make sure they understand to make it spicy, if that's the way you like it. Prime 15 in Ringwood has decent burgers.

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          Are there any places heading towards Greenwood lake, that have casual dining on a lake?

      2. About a mile from the south shore of Greenwood Lake in West Milford is a nice family-run Thai restaurant called Khun Thon.

        In Oakland, Cenzino serves a great upscale Italian menu. Portobello Feasts has both Italian and New American menus in an expertly crafted new building. Lots to look at there.

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          Bill, Have you been to the new italian in the building where Ruga used to be? Possibly Travato Due? They have another place in Elmwood Park.

          To the original poster, there's a German restraunt on the west side of Greenwood Lake called Breezy Point. I haven't been there, but a friend marked it as a favorite. Also, on the east shore are Emerald Point, a decent bar with outdoor patio and average food as well as the latest incarnation of 'The Castle, which is right on the water and has bar type stuff (burgers, fries, nachos)