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Where to find canned chipotles in adobo?

Does anyone know where I can find canned chipotles in adobo in the Baltimore area?

Do any of the major grocers carry them? Or will I have to go to a latin market?

I'm in the Perry Hall/White Marsh area and also Bel Air area for work and am willing to drive a little, if neccessary. I've checked with a few stores around me and no luck yet.

I'm actually pretty surprised I'm having such a hard time, since I feel like there are so many recipes out there these days calling for them! Thanks in advance if anyone can help me :-)

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  1. I've had no problem buying them at the larger regular supermarkets (Giant etc.)

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      Would you mind sharing which Giant you bought them from?

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        It's been awhile, but I think the bigger Giant down in Severna Park.

    2. They sell them in the Canton Safeway, aisle 2 across from the boxed pastas

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        Thanks for such a specific answer, cheese!!

      2. you can get them at pretty much any store in the "latin foods" section.

        I have never not found them....so try the latin foods section, or possibly where the salsa is sold

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          Thanks, I understand where they should be, but they aren't carrying them in the stores near me. I tried Safeway, Weis (which has a pretty decent ethnic selection) and Shoppers so far.

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            Every Shoppers I've been to in DC or Baltimore area has them in the "ethnic" aisle. Also have found them in Korean markets, like H-Mart

        2. SuperFresh (in Timonium) and Wegman's (Hunt Valley) both have them.

          1. Our Safeway doesn't have them, but I can always find them at Bloom. In the Mexican specialty section.

            1. Wal-Marts usually have it. If you are passing by, try the Wal-Mart off of 43. The Super Wal-Mart in Cockeysville will have it for sure. Wal-Marts always run out of stuff. Just because it's not there on one visit doesn't mean you won't see it on a later visit. Happens to me all the time.

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                If you would like your local Safeway to sell them, they have suggestion cards at most checkouts where you can request the store to carry an item. One little can goes a very long way as most recipes call for just one pepper. I freeze the rest. In Annapolis, you can find them in every grocery store.

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                  My Safeway has them (Reston). And yes - they do go a looonng way. We use them primarily in one of our turkey burger recipes.

              2. Hnace, you'll find these at just about any Latin market. It's touch and go, as far as finding them in any mainstream grocery store. (They are more likely to have them, if there is a sizable Hispanic community closeby.) Good luck.

                1. Whole Foods in Harbor East had 3 different brands of them this weekend.

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                    Thanks everyone! My mom found them at the Shoppers in Timonium and grabbed me two cans and since they go a long way, I guess that will keep me covered for a while!

                    I wish I could just find a grocery store that was close by that carried everything I want, all in one place! Maybe one day........