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May 13, 2009 08:56 AM

Psychology Today article on taste

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  1. "In short, we're all weird about food. An anthropological analysis found that more than a third of us reject slippery food like oysters and okra. Twenty percent of us don't like our foods to touch on the plate. The next time you wander a grocery-store aisle packed with jars of pickled jalapeƱos and boxes of instant scalloped potatoes, consider this: One-fifth of us eat from a palate of just 10 or fewer foods."
    Wow. This paragraph (especially the last sentence) says a LOT in response to those "why won't they eat XYZ when it's SO good?" questions.

    1. "In the course of her survey, Kauer found a few extremely picky people. (One woman she interviewed, for example, ate little more than canned brains, undercooked French fries and fried eggs. Kauer thinks this intensely fastidious eating is probably related to obsessive-compulsive behavior.)"

      I'm not sure what this says about those of us willing to try anything once.

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