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May 13, 2009 08:56 AM

molasses and bitterness.

I'm having a bitterness issue with my molasses bbq sauce. I know the molasses is the culprit but I'm wondering if it's the brand i'm using, the amount, or the cooking time that is bringing out the bitter flavor. Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas?

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  1. If you're using sulphured molasses, that could be the problem.

    Print this out and keep it in your cookbook for future reference.
    It's pretty good information:

    1. which brand?
      according to one website:

      "There are different kinds of molasses and each has a different flavor.

      -- When buying molasses, pick one that's appropriate to the recipe. Some brands are labeled light or dark, others mild or full-flavored. At least one company grades its molasses with names such as Jamaica and Barbados, reflecting the Caribbean origin. Blackstrap is generally the darkest and thickest -- with a bitter edge that makes it too strong for certain uses."

      1. Just like coffee and chocolate, all molasses has some bitterness. Otherwise it would just taste sweet. The trick is to find the type that has just enough complex flavor without being too bitter. For me, Grandma's Original Unsulfured has the right balance.

        1. i have not been able to find a type or brand of molasses that works well in bbq sauce. i now use thick cane syrup instead.