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May 13, 2009 08:52 AM

Tall Order: Gluten Free Lunch in Hynes Convention Area?

I work in the Prudential Center/Copely Mall Complex and have identified some GF friendly dishes I have come to rely on: Qdoba for crispy corn tacos and naked burritos, Chili Duck for Chicken Madness and a few other rice dishes, PF Changs for Singapore Street noodles and a few other items.

I have had all of these dishes over and over for a year striaght (it has been one year since diagnoses).

Anyone out there have any other suggestions? I am especially craving soup today but new places and recs would be great. I desperately need to get out of my GF old standy rut! Especially the Asian based rut: I guess Douzo is an option too but...meh.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Im a celiac and work in the back bay as well, and I find it so challenging to eat lunch around here! I haven't had as much luck as you have... I tend to bring my own salads each day. Anyways, Au Bon Pain does sometimes offer a GF soup in thier line up if that is what you are really craving. Go online to see which ones are GF though before you go- they don't post it at the store.

    1. Cheesecake factory was more than willing to accommodate my Celiac friend's requests. They warned her about salad dressings and sauces, too. Very helpful.

      1. Nearby and sort-of nearby restaurants with gluten-free menus:

        Bhindi Bazaar
        Elephant Walk, Brookline
        Grill 23
        India Quality
        Legal Sea Foods
        Myers + Chang
        P.F. Chang's
        Wagamama, Quincy Market
        Xinh Xinh, Chinatown

        1. Vlora on Boylston is super delicious and has a gluten free menu. The gazpacho soup at Stephanie's is gluten free. I talked to the chef at Rattlesnake while there for an afterwork function. Their tortilla chips are gluten free and they have multiple things on the menu. He made me this avacado/seafood dish that was amazing! Skipjacks has gf as well...

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            so do legal's and au bon pain.

            samurai would work too.