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May 13, 2009 08:20 AM

Cincinnati Bakeries

Is there a bakery in Cincinnati that anyone knows of that makes French Macarons? The meringue cookies with a creamy filling. Not to be confused with Macaroons, the southern, coconut cookie. I've never had one and would like to try them! They seem to be in every magazine, every wedding book, etc. I haven't tried Bonbonerie yet, which seems like an obvious choice. Every time I go in there, I can't get past the Opera Cream Cake.

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  1. Although I haven't lived in Cincinnati for 25 years, I clearly remember that the Wyoming Bakery used to carry macaroons that were merengue-y (more like marzipan and meringue) than coconut-y. You may want to call them.

    1. greenup cafe and some other restaurants in that group sometimes have macarons. and if you still struffle to find them, just make them yourself! they really aren't that hard at all, as long as you aren't baking challenged i suppose.

      if you're ever up in columbus, you must go to Pistacia Vera. it is one of the best patisseries in Ohio in my opinion. macarons are one of the amazing things they are famed for.

      1. i don't know if they make them or not as i don't live there anymore, my parents do. but freida's bakery in madeira has always been really good. may be worth calling them and asking. good luck!

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          Yes Freida's has them in about 12 different varieties. Quite good, too.

        2. You might try Jean Paul's Paradiso on Clough Pike. The number is 513-231-2780. I know he has downsized his bakery, but I'd bet that he would make them. I wish I lived closer as the food there is killer.

          1. There are several places in the city that carry French Macarons (Taste of Belgium, Frieda's, Bonbonnerie...). If you're a subscriber of Cincinnati Magazine there is an article about macarons this month. If you're not a subscriber, the issue should be on newstand by the end of the week.