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May 13, 2009 07:48 AM

Korean Dumplings

My friend Jennifer just spent some time up in NYC where she found a restaurant on Korea Way in Manhattan that specialized in mandu - Korean dumplings. She says that they served several types of mandu, and one particularly pleasing version was filled with kimchi.

Does anybody know if we have an area restaurant that serves kimchi mandu, or has any particularly interesting selection of different types of mandu on the menu?

The Wikipedia page on mandu says: "The selection of mandu varieties is much more diverse in the northern part of the Korean peninsula, with each region having its own distinct types of mandu. On the other hand, mandu in the southern part of the Korean peninsula lack variety in general. "

I've only ever had the one basic type that seems to have a filling largely made of pork and scallions.


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  1. Driving thru annandale, I recall seeing a place called "mandu rang kimbob erang" (korean dumplings and korean rolls) - I am presuming they will carry different types of dumplings.

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      That definitely sounds hopeful. Thanks! Is the sign spelled out in the English alphabet? Do you remember what part of Annandale the restaurant was in?

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        I am pretty sure it was - I found the address. Good luck!
        7217 Columbia Pike
        Annandale, VA 22003

        (703) 642-8668

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          A friend of mine and I went here tonight and got 3 different kinds of dumplings. It is in a tiny little house in the parking lot between the Giant supermarket and Fairfax Auto Parts. Seats 24 max. The kitchen is also tiny, being worked by 4 people, my guess is husband wife daughter and son. The son speaks English pretty well and helped us through the short menu. They have 3 kinds of dumplings, one is a steamed bun style with meat , chopped cellophane noodles and vegetables, one is the same vegetable mix with no meat in a demilune shaped dumpling and comes either steamed or fried, and the third is a green vegetable dumpling triangle, steamed, in the thinnest dumpling wrapper I've ever seen. They also have kibob, which is similar to a sushi roll but teardrop shaped, and not fish -- vegetables or hot dog filling. Then there are a couple of cold noodle dishes and a couple of hot noodle soup dishes. Everything was served with a starter of miso soup and with a side of kimchi and pickled radish slices. We got all the varieties of dumplings to sample and liked all of them -- with a slight nod to the fried ones, but I think that's just because of that crispy wrapper. They were very fresh, the fillings held together well without being lumpen. A little high on the salt, but I have found that to be true (to my tastebuds) of most Korean food that I've had. An order of dumplings runs $6 for 6-8 pieces, depending on type. It's so close to my house, I can get a dumpling fix on the way home from work.

    2. There are a number of variety of mandoo to be had in annandale. Try kimchi mandoo @ rainbow catering (right next to the french bakery on little river turnpike (across the street from Jerry's subs)). They have a kimchi mandoo that is outstanding but I'm guessing it not the version you probably expect. Its is more closer relative to the chinese steam bun but it is filled with kimchi and pork. It is outstanding. I just got some one sunday. $5.25 per 6. Each is about the size of a small apple (big for dumpling standards).


      1. There's a fantastic restaurant at 18th & S, NW in DC called, you guessed it, Mandu. They do a variety of dumpling fillings and I've yet to have one I don;t like. They are also advertising frozen dumplings to take home, so you can do for a double fix!