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May 13, 2009 07:37 AM

SA-Best Restaurants with Kids

My husband and I will be visiting San Antonio in June with our 6-year-old son. This trip will be our first week-long vacation with all three of us. We will be staying at a vacation rental with good access to downtown area and River Walk. We will also be spending time at the ususal kid-tourist areas (SeaWorld, Zoo, NaturalBridge, etc). Our son is not too picky and will eat most foods as long as they are not too spicey. We want to avoid large chains and are looking for fun atmosphere and great food that we can only get in Texas! I look forward to your suggestions.

Thanks, from a Midwest Chowhound

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  1. Pesca on the Riverwalk is a very nice seafood restaurant, and they have a nice little kidos menu (pizzas, etc.)

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      Really? Pesca is OK for kids. From the website, it looks pretty upscale. I am sure my husband and I would love it, but would a six-year-old would fit in well there. Thanks.

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        Yes. we took my 3 year old son, and 2 month old daughter (sleeping the whole time) for an early dinner (5:30); they were treated well, and behaved just fine. I am sure there are other places locals might recommend for families, but on the riverwalk - this was perfect for us.

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          Ok, good to know. Thanks. We also have found that early dinners at nicer places are best with children. We may just give Pesca a try.

    2. If you don't mind a little drive, Two Bros BBQ on West has a fantastic outdoor play area and great BBQ. Bigz also has a great outdoor area and fabulous burgers.

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        Haven't tried TwoBros BBQ yet but as you say they have a great outdoor space I understand. Trying to think of some places,but am having trouble right now. As a kid group up here in the 1960s and later coming back in 1971 from Fort Meade,Md, there really weren't places with outdoor play areas, and don't even recall any kids menus either. I don't even recall most places having coloring books or other stuff for kids to do.
        I know momma and daddy never took along any thing in the car for us kids to do.
        Now if we went out to Bandera and Horseshoe Creek or went to Gonzales or where ever, then they took some books or stuff along,but otherwise no.
        There is a place on Perrin Beitel that serves TexMex food that has a play area, but I can't think of the name right now. Someone from SA might know the place I am talking about. I have never eaten there, so I don't know how good the food is.
        Oh hey, there is a magazine you can get at the local H.E.B. Grocerystores I think called San Antonio Kids. When you come for vacation you can pick one up.It is a guide for parents for activites and such in the San Antonio area.
        You might see if they have a website and if so, ask a few questions about restaurants that are kid friendly.

      2. La Hacienda de los Barrios, off of 1604 on redland rd, nice environment, good margaritas and tex-mex, plus a nice playground outdoors for the kids....used to go there all the time with my 7 yr old, plus nightly live entertainment....

        1. Hi I have an 8 and a 10.
          Hacienda is good, great setting and playscape for the kids.

          I also like The Cove Good local food, close to downtown, play area, basketball hoop, car wash, laundry mat.

          Chacho and Chaluccis
          indoor three story playscape, not fine dining but good food, great salsa bar, very good breakfast, smallish chain

          Mama's Cafe Multiple locations small chain, great burgers and wonderful onion rings

          Just a few ideas

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            Yeah Chaco's was the place I was thinking of.

          2. I would really suggest going to The Cove one night or day. The food is great and they also have plenty of things for the kidos. All the food is organic/natural and is very tasty.