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May 13, 2009 07:36 AM

In search of real scrambled eggs: whither?

Where in Florida can I find real scrambled eggs at a restaurant--either at a chain outlet or at an independent? It seems to me that real scrambled eggs have virtually disappeared from the restaurant scene. Real scrambled eggs require slow cooking over low heat in a frying pan, and frequent scraping with a spoon or spatula, which creates big, moist, eggy curds.

Instead, when I ask for scrambled eggs in a restaurant, the cook beats up some eggs, pours them on a flat, hot grill (where they cook fast), making, effectively, a plain omelette, which he then chops up with a spatula and dumps in a pile on a plate.

This results in dried out egg pieces with little resenblance to real scrambled eggs. It is easy and fast for the cook but very inconsiderate of the patron. Wither shall I goeth?

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  1. Funny, I thought I was the only one with the same frustration as you. I only eat scrambled eggs at home now.

    What is happening is not the way they cook the eggs, but that they are not fresh eggs at all, they are an egg product. They are liquid pasteurized eggs with preservatives, food coloring and other chemicals that are purchased in a container.

    I remember once at Denny's I asked the waitress if they would, instead of frying 2 eggs for me, if they could just scramble 2 fresh eggs instead of giving me the liquid 'egg' stuff and she flat out said 'no, they will use the liquid stuff'. Their own web site used to show the bizarre ingredients of their scrambled eggs, but they removed it a while ago.

    Just about every restaurant uses this stuff because they are much cheaper than real eggs, last a lot longer, and frankly, no one can really tell. Egg drop soup is my favorite but the only China man restaurant I know that still uses real eggs for it is China Yuan.

    There is a huge variety of imitation foods widely used in restaurants that most people have no idea about, but that's for another post.

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      God, that's gross, but I know it's true. I never order scrambled eggs any more b/c they never taste like eggs, more like buttery metal. At home, I use only organic free-range antibiotic- and hormone-free eggs, which taste the way eggs should, never "regular" eggs, like Egglands Best, which taste like eggy metal. I also think you can taste the difference between poached eggs at Village Inn or First Watch (there's the metal again) and a place like Pinky's in S. Tampa (ahh, fresh eggy goodness).

      It's sad, really. No one remembers any more what an egg should taste like.

    2. Most ma and pa places still use fresh eggs, just order them soft scrambled,try John G's on Lake worth beach,I think the Too Jays chain still uses fresh eggs as well.

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      1. re: bigdnotemeril

        Right--- when I request scrambled 'lightly', or 'softly' they usually come moist and fluffy...

        And always 3 eggs at least...
        If I'm at a restaurant I don't want the eggs to be over that quickly--- 'specially if they're good...

        Pach's Place near Bay to Bay is a good breakfast spot, as is Nicki's and First Watch...