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May 13, 2009 07:30 AM

Good wings in North York!! Is that true?!!

Please give a warm welcome to, PUCK 'N' Wings!!!!!!!

If any of you know where the old Smiley Jack is (Yonge/Finch), you can easily spot this new establishment that replaced the good old trashy Smiley Jack. I have walked by Smiley Jack countless times in the past. However, I could never see myself hanging out with folks with mullets and torn up megadeath T-shirts. Finally, a friend suggested dropping by the place last night for some wings, MAN, were we glad that we went! Wings come in multiple flavours (we had 5 lbs of wings so we got to pick 5 different flavours). Their deadliest sauce (hot scale 6 out of 6) was no comparison to Duff's armagadden sauce. However, they turned out to be edible and super tasty! Sauce coated generously and the wings were plump and juicy. It was obvious that the wings were previously selected. Comparing to Duff's, Puck'n'Wings definitely is more on the saucy side. However, the wings still retain a nice crispy skin under all the sauce. Wings are half-off every Monday, hopefully they won't compromise the quality during the promotion............

Here's the link I found for the restaurant,

Service can be quite slow, just gotta be patient!

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  1. I went there soon after it first opened. I agree with the OP that the wings were very large, plump and juicy. However I found the sauce on mine (I think it was the Gretzky Special) to be fairly weak for something that is 4/5 on their spicy scale. Also, there was no obvious deliniations between their flavours, since they all seemed to be derived from Frank's Red Hot.

    My main beef is that the supposedly fresh hand cut fries (for $6 no less) were frozen mccain fries.

    Their menu was confusing since they had 50 different types of salad (through changing the green base, proteins and dressings) to match their 50 flavours of wings. It wasn't organized in a list of 50, it was just a mathematical sum of the permuations of salad they provide. I found it very difficult to understand and to order from.

    <start cynical rant>
    I counted no less than 13 large flat screen TV's in the place. I'm not sure if they were acquired with the bartender, severs and video game machines that were part of Smiling Jacks or whether they were bought new with the place, but if they took the money they spent on TV's on a menu consultant, this place might have a shot.
    </end cynical rant>

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      LOL, i totally agree with the "rant". Went there for a game and the bartender doesn't even know how to operate the remote control. I had to wait for about 30 minutes before some customer showing him how to use the darn thing~

      I wouldn't go back for anything but wings. period~

      1. re: trane

        I agree with you regarding the menu confusion. Even at first glance, the wings section is poorly laid out with the hockey themed grouping of sauces. Small gripe.

        I went on a Saturday night and the place was 80% full. I though the wings were above average in quality and the service was fast and friendly. But the price, $53 for 5 pounds of wings, I guess that's pretty normal. I'd definitely go back if I was in the area.

        1. re: Brain of J

          Fossil and Haggis east Scarborough has 5 pounds wings for $23.

          1. re: Crispy skin

            I try both F&H and PNW wings, I found F&H is much better in term of quality and prices.

            1. re: Crispy skin

              That's a great deal. I have to check this place out.

              1. re: Crispy skin

                Where is this located?!?!?? $23 sounds like an AWESOME deal!!! =D

          2. Puck'N Wings is amazing. I have never had such delicious (and good chickeny) wings.

            My personal favourite flavours are: Dragon, Buffalo Wing and Dry Cajun.

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